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Even with all of the signings and trades happening in the Overwatch League right now, the Los Angeles Valiant have decided to create a fun event for all. The LA team are hosting the Valiant Winter Ball, an event involving both the community and Overwatch League teams on December 12 and 13. This event mainly hosts showmatches between four league teams. Also, the event includes a community art spotlight and games between influencers and past players. As there won’t be actual league matches until at least spring of 2021, fans can watch some teams play for bragging rights this way.

The Winter Ball

Clearly going off of the setting we all see from our windows, the event is Christmas-themed. Four Overwatch League teams, specifically the Valiant themselves, the Florida Mayhem, the Los Angeles Gladiators, and Atlanta Reign, will all play competitive showmatches with their 2021 rosters. But that isn’t all — the Valiant will host matches with social media influencers and past players in the league. This way, some ladder grinders, streamers, and other players can finally show their stuff. Florida in particular was quick to release their roster for the influencer game(s).

Other teams have yet to reveal who will play, but this game is meant to be less competitive than the 2021 roster showmatches. Plus, as an added bonus, the Valiant mentioned an art and fashion showcase. This most likely will come from fan contributions online, broadcast for the world to see and enjoy throughout the day. Also, the video that came with the announcement hinted at more. We don’t know as of now what those hints entail, but it might be things like workshop games modes for the rosters to play.

Players in action

One of the biggest pieces of news out of the Valiant Winter Ball is that the teams using their 2021 rosters. This would mean these four teams will announce a majority of their roster by the ball. As of right now, the Mayhem only have four players signed. Both Atlanta and the Gladiators have over six players to use, but the Valiant have exactly six. They could play with the roster they’ve got, but more signings might change that. Either way, the Valiant are one of the top teams for off-season content.

For example, they also hosted a contenders tournament named the Valiant Feed Fest in August with a $3,500 prize. Now, even without the prize, we finally get to watch these reformed teams play against each other. It might not be for high stakes, but it’s always good to watch some fun, top tier Overwatch.