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Los Angeles Guerrillas hand Atlanta FaZe their first loss of the season after a perfect 6-0 game-five Search and Destroy.

Atlanta FaZe had gone undefeated during the Cold War season until they were taken down by the Los Angeles Guerrillas. The Guerrillas are currently 3-8 overall in the regular season in comparison to Atlanta FaZe who are 11-0. FaZe were also crowned the champions of the Stage 1 Major after taking down Dallas Empire 5-2 in the final.

The Guerrillas placed in the Upper Bracket of the Stage 1 Major where they upset the Los Angeles Thieves. However, when they faced off against FaZe at the tournament, things began to spiral downward. They fell to the Lower Bracket where they faced off against the New York Subliners who eventually eliminated them from the tournament.

Los Angeles Guerrillas dominate FaZe in Search and Destroy

Moscow Hardpoint opened the series for Guerrillas versus FaZe, which FaZe took after a swift 250-176 scoreline. Despite the expected opening, the Guerrillas answered back on Miami Search and Destroy, taking a 6-2 victory over FaZe. Atlanta has been dominant in their last three Search and Destroy maps. Only the New York Subliners managed to take a victory from them, but that still went to a round eleven.

Checkmate Control would decide who would take the lead in the series, and despite an impressive performance from the Guerrillas, FaZe eventually pulled ahead 3-2. Apocalypse Hardpoint was the 4th, and potentially final, map of the series but ultimately went the way of the Guerrillas. FaZe appeared lost on the map as they lost the Hardpoint 250-154.

It was not until Express Search and Destroy that things really began to heat up for the Guerrillas. With FaZe’s dominant performance on Search and Destroy in the past, no one could have expected the Guerrillas to win. However, the Guerrillas crushed FaZe 6-0 to hand them their first loss of the season.