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We’re just a few short days away for the Valorant closed beta, which begins on April 7. However, content creators will start showing off the game tomorrow. This will let us see actual gameplay and gather insights into all of the different Agents and weapons. In the lead up to this, though, Riot Games has kindly released yet another gameplay trailer for a new Agent. That Agent is Jett, and she appears to have some extremely useful abilities in Valorant.

Jett speeds into Valorant

Jett was not completely unknown before this gameplay trailer. Riot has, after all, already released the full list of Agents that players can expect in Valorant at launch. Many suspect that every known Agent will be playable in next week’s closed beta, too.

What we didn’t know about Jett was how well she played in an actual match. Of course, this has been somewhat answered via today’s new gameplay trailer. Take a look at it below.

For players that like to amp up their gameplay, Jett seems like a match made in heaven. She possesses multiple abilities that increase her speed as well as a powerful ultimate ability. Here are her four abilities in Valorant:

  • Basic Ability – Cloudburst: Throw a fog cloud that can be manipulated. Holding down the “throw” button allows the cloud to curve around obstacles.
  • Basic Ability – Updraft: Launch yourself into the air after a short charge up.
  • Signature Ability – Tailwind: Quickly dash in whatever direction you’re currently facing.
  • Ultimate Ability – Blade Storm: Equip multiple throwing knives that can one-hit kill an enemy with a headshot. If you eliminate an enemy with a throwing knife, all of your knives are restored.

At first glance, Jett seems like a fairly powerful Agent. Many gamers are sure to test her in the Valorant closed beta. Of course, only time will tell how she stacks up in comparison to the rest of the Agents.

Who will you main in the beta? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Valorant news.