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The London-based franchise of the upcoming 2020 Call of Duty League has announced three player signings. Bradley “wuskin” Marshall was first signed, with Matthew “skrapz” Marshall and Dylan “Dylan” Henderson being signed a few days later. This marks the first time the two twin brothers have played on the same team since May of 2018.

London Call of Duty

The London franchise is owned by ReKTGlobal and was officially announced on Sept. 13. Former Team Reciprocity Coach Michael “Swizz” Butterworth was announced to have joined as General Manager. Team Dignitas founder Michael “ODEE” O’Dell will serve as Managing Director.

The Call of Duty team subsequently revealed their coaching staff: Head Coach Joseph “Joee” Pinnington, Strategic Coach Shane “ShAnE” McKerral, and Assistant Coach James “Dominate” Batz. Dominate previously coached for Red Reserve with Shane on the coaching staff for Team Reciprocity. However, Joee has no coaching experience and last played for Units, the temporary team that former Denial Esports players joined. 

Two teammates, two brothers

Wuskin will join as the main AR position. He started competing in December of 2016 on Team 3G. He then played under organizations like Fnatic and UNILAD Esports, and Team Reciprocity in the 2019 CWL season.

Dylan played alongside wuskin. He will join in a flex role on the new team. Dylan started competing just last year in February 2018 with teams like Radix Esports, Team Sween, Brash Esports, and then Team Reciprocity. Reciprocity placed 9 – 12 at 2019’s CWL Anaheim, 7 – 8th in the CWL Pro League, and 4th in the CWL Pro League Playoffs. The team ended the season with a 5 – 6th finish at the 2019 Call of Duty World League Championships.

Skrapz is the twin brother of wuskin who will serve as the Call of Duty team’s AR slayer and comes from FaZe Clan. He began his competitive career in March of 2016. He played on teams like Team Tempo, Rampage Tempo, Epsilon Esports, Fnatic, UNILAD Esports, and Red Reserve.

Time will tell how the new London CWL team fares in its first year.