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After announcing plans to revamp certain League content in 2022, Riot Games introduces phase 1 of the Mythic content overhaul in League of Legends Patch 12.6. While Riot earlier revealed some of the plans for Phase 1 of the Mythic content overhaul, LoL Patch 12.6 will feature several new additions.

Mythic Essence—New currency that never ends

Mythic Essence currency
Mythic Essence | Image provided by Riot Games

Phase 1 of the Mythic content overhaul combines Gemstones and Prestige points into a single new currency that never expires. This currency, called Mythic Essence, is obtainable where players previously earned Gemstones or Prestige Points. Players can spend their Mythic Essence in the new Mythic Shop for accessories and special skins.

To celebrate the introduction of the new system, LoL Patch 12.6 will give players a one-time mission on March 31 that rewards 10 Mythic Essence. Players can participate in this mission until May 2.

Furthermore, in this new patch Riot will convert all Gemstones in players’ inventories to 10 Mythic Essence each. The new Mythic shop will also feature content that rotates regularly and includes the return of past Prestige skins.

Mythic Skins and Accessories

The Mythic skins and accessories in the new shop will rotate every six League of Legends patches. New Mythic skins will cost 100 Mythic Essence for the first unvault and cost 125 for future ones. Legacy Mythic skins only previously obtainable through Gemstones will also be in the Mythic shop. These skins will also cost the same amount as new mythic skins.

The Mythic skins and accessories that will be rotated from Patch 12.6 to Patch 12.12 include:

  • Ashen Knight Pyke (100 ME)
  • Ashen Knight Pyke Emberwoken Chroma + Ashen Knight Pyke Summoner Icon (40 ME)
  • “I’m Comin’ For Ya” Emote (25 ME)
  •  Hextech Annie (100 ME)
  •  Hextech Amumu (100 ME

While items that will be in the Mythic shop throughout the year include:

  • Ashen Ward (50 ME)
  • Random Skin Shard (10 ME)
  • 50 Orange Essence (1 ME)
  • 150 Blue Essence (1 ME)

How to obtain Prestige skins after Phase 1 of Mystic overhaul

Prestige Evelynn
Prestige Evelynn-Phase 1 Mystic content Overhaul | Image provided by Riot Games

Prestige skins will be unvaulted on a yearly schedule. So, they will only be available in the Mythic shop at least one year after release. Prestige skins will cost 125 Essence when first offered. After this, they’ll cost 150 and 200 if unvaulted three or more times. Prestige skins from 2018 and 2019 will start at higher tiers.

Moreover, players who owned Prestige skins in 2018 and 2019 before LoL Patch 12.5 will receive an additional exclusive 2022 edition of those skins. Commemorative prestige skins will be exclusive to these players and can’t be obtained through shops, loot or rerolls. The 16 commemorative skins will be sent to their original owners in April.

Players can still obtain Prestige and Mythic skins through loot drops or skin rerolls. However, they will have to wait until their debut period ends and obtain them without their matching borders and icons.

The big change to Phase 2 of Mythic Content Overhaul

Phase 2 of the Mythic content overhaul is still in progress but in this phase, players can buy Prestige skins that debut during showcases in the Mythic shop for 125 Essence. After the showcase, the Prestige skin will be available in loot drops and skin rerolls. However, they will become like vaulted Prestige skins without borders and icons.

Additionally, Phase 3 of the Mythic content overhaul is also in the works with no big changes to the plan yet. LoL Patch 12.6 will be live on March 30, according to the official patch schedule.

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