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During the Season 2022 livestream on Friday, Riot Games announced the overhaul of League of Legends’ high-end content. Gone are the days of Prestige Points and Gemstones, as both will be replaced by the brand new Mythic Essence. In 2022, Riot Games is revamping its event passes into a battle pass hybrid, as well as reimagining what Prestige skins look like. Here is an in-depth look at how the system works.

Mythic Essence

Riot announced last year that 2021 would be the last season where Prestige Points were obtainable and usable. That’s because, in Season 2022, something new would be replacing it entirely. On top of that, Gemstones will also be disappearing. In 2022, high-end content like Mythic skins will be purchasable through the use of the brand new Mythic Essence.

Players will earn Mythic Essence in the same way they used to get Gem Stones and Prestige Points. Mythic Essence can be a drop from a Hextech or Masterwork chest, as well as be obtainable through the many battle passes that come out each year. However, there will be no bonus Mythic Essence when it comes to buying bundles like there was for Prestige Points. Instead, Masterwork Chests will have boosted odds of dropping Mythic Essence for a limited time.

Prestige Points will not automatically become Mythic Essence, so players will need to burn their current Prestige Points in the Prestige shop before they are gone for good. However, Gemstones will automatically convert into Mythic Essence, so there is no need to burn those.

League of Legends Mythic Shop

Screenshot of the Ashen Knights Pyke skin
Ashen Knights Pyke is the first skin revealed as part of the new Mythic skin line. Provided by Riot Games.

So what can players use with the new Mythic Essence? To go with the release of the Mythic Essence, Riot is releasing a brand new shop where players can purchase content. The current Gemstone shop will be reworked into the Mythic Shop with even more for sale.

Some of that content includes the rotating shop of Unvaulted Prestige Skins. Players who missed out on older prestige skins will be able to buy them through the mythic shop on rotation. Two Prestige skins will be unvaulted each month. Older Prestige skins will be more expensive to respect the higher exclusivity and difficulty. In addition, when older skins come out of the vault, the original owners will receive modified versions of their skins to recognize their investment.

The first six unvaults will actually happen all at once. K/DA Kai’Sa, PROJECT: Irelia, Pulsefire Thresh, Arcanist Zoe, Spirit Blossom Teemo and Battle Queen Diana will all be unvaulted when the new Mythic shop opens.

As for new Mythic skins, Riot Games is retiring the Hextech thematic to make room for better skin design. 2022 will be the year of Ashen Knights. Ashen Knight Pyke is the first of the new Ashen Knights skin line.

Outside of skins things like wards, emotes, keys, chests and essence will be available in the shop. For pricing of all the things in the Mythic shop check out the official blog post made by Riot that goes over all the changes.

Revamped Event Passes and milestone rewards tracks

Screenshot of the project capsule screen of the new battle pass
A sneak-peak at how new battle pass elements are linked into milestone rewards for future event passes. Provided by Riot Games.

For events starting in Season 2022, Event Passes will start to look more familiar for players that have played games with battle passes. Riot is revamping its event passes to give a similar feel to traditional battle passes. These event passes will give players a rewards track that players can play games and earn XP to move along. Tokens won’t leave event passes though. Players can still earn tokens on the rewards track and use them in a token shop just like older events.

Players that have their goal of getting each event’s Prestige skin can still do so, and in 2022 the skin won’t just be a golden colorway. Riot’s “prestige 2.0” will experiment with giving each prestige skin that comes with events in 2022 a “new thematic layer.” The goal is to increase the value of what Prestige skins offer and will aim to reimagine the base thematic and even give the Prestige skins a brand new splash art.

Earning these Prestige skins will work differently with the new event passes. Instead of buying Prestige Points bundles to get enough points to buy the Prestige skin in the event shop, players will now instead to a separate rewards track where you open event capsules. The last reward for these “Showcase milestone rewards tracks” will be that event’s Prestige skin.

Riot Games is also taking the time to create milestone rewards tracks for things like Masterwork chests. These are infinitely repeatable rewards tracks that act as pseudo “pity-breakers.” These are similar to things that help players get what they want in other games with similar loot elements. Essentially, the more Masterwork chests you open, the better rewards you will receive.

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