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Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro

Light, wireless, RGB gaming mouse — Razer DeathAdder Pro Review

When it comes to gaming mice, I like my mice light. Wires out of the way, and definitely must have RGB. If you’re like me, then you’re going to love the Razer DeathAdder Pro V2. A new upgrade to the decade old and very essential gaming mouse. The DeathAdder has been around since 2006 and now comes in a neat wireless model. We got our hands on the DeathAdder Pro V2 to give you all the details.

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DeathAdder at its finest

The Razer DeathAdder is already available in over 20 editions. There’s the Essential, Elite, Mini, and a host of past limited edition ones. The Pro V2 is the best of the best. It combines the speed and ergonomics of the DeathAdder with wireless technology. Lots of people believe wireless has higher latency than wired peripherals. But that is a thing of the past. You can experience near-zero-latency gameplay in the year 2020. Not only that, but the batteries last up to 120 hours! That’s a LOT of gaming. If you want to ensure you’re getting the near zero latency vibes, then you’ll only get 70 hours of gaming. Still, that’s a lot. The mouse is easy and quick to charge, just plug in the cable at the front. And if you ever forget to charge your mouse, you can simply use it with the cable.

Everything you need all in one neat package.

One of the things I love about the DeathAdder is all the ways you can use it. Use it with the cable for hassle-free playing — let’s be honest, I often forget to charge mine. Or you can use either wireless or bluetooth. The wireless dongle is sitting snuggly in a cradle underneath the mouse so you’ll never lose it. Plus there’s also a switch on the underside to change the connectivity type. You can also flick between various mouse profiles if you set them up.

Lightweight and ergonomic

I have small hands, and I love a good lightweight mouse. This is where the DeathAdder Pro V2 delivers. If you like heavy mice and a way to customize the weight, then this isn’t the mouse for you. It’s super light, weighing in almost the same as the Viper. The DeathAdder is slightly more curved than the Viper which is great if you’ve got more of a palm grip. The DeadAdder also has a slightly “prettier” form factor. I like the butterfly-like shape at the top of the mouse. When you compare the Pro V2 to the Elite, the Pro V2 is slightly curved away from your body. This gives you a more comfortable, natural grip.

The DeathAdder is one of the most comfortable things you can hold. You can see the Pro V2 (left) has the same beautiful shape and design as the Elite (right).

When it comes to glide, it feels pretty much like any other Razer mouse. It’s slick and travels easily. I would be getting this mouse for this RGB, overall comfort, and lightweight design. If you like these features in a mouse, then the Razer DeathAdder Pro is for you. And it’s not ridiculously expensive. It’s at the higher end of the price scale at $129.99 USD, but this isn’t unreasonable. Remember, the DeathAdder is Chroma equipped, so it’ll sync up with all your other fancy Razer devices like the Huntsman. That in itself is worth the cost right? Grab the DeathAdder Pro V2 from the website, check out all the juicy tech specs, and up your RGB game.

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