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People are working and gaming from home now more than ever before. Therefore, it’s really important to have a good setup, especially one that works well and makes you feel great. Smart lighting has become one of the number one ways to enhance your gaming or work setup. Those beautiful RGB lights can make you feel like you want to game for hours. It’s no surprise a few companies have branched out from simply having RGB in their peripherals to offering standalone lights. That’s exactly what Corsair did. In July 2020, the company announced and released the LT100 smart light towers. These beautiful lights make any setup look dreamy. We got our hands on the starter kit to test them out.

Corsair LT100 smart light towers

Corsair is known for its RGB peripherals. They even have RGB lights built into their chairs. There’s no question the company’s smart lights would come with the same beautiful arrays. These towers are, in one word, elegant. They’re subtle, yet they stand out. Modern and edgy, I felt they were the perfect addition to any gaming setup. Even the base of the towers lights up. It makes for some of the best ambient lighting around.

The first thing you’ll notice with the Corsair LT100 is how easy it is to setup. The box comes with absolutely everything you need to get started.

You simply remove all the packaging—yes there is a lot of it—place the light beams into the tower, plug it in, and away you go. An additional headset holder has been provided to give you more desk space. Personally, I prefer the cleaner look without the headset holder. There’s just something about it that takes away from the beauty and cleanliness of the towers themselves, but to each their own.

See how quick it is to set up! Okay you got us, this is a hyperlapse. But seriously, it takes about five to ten minutes to setup these amazing Corsair lights.

Once you’ve plugged the lights in, you’re up and running. Without even connecting the Corsair LT100 to your computer, you’ll already have a bunch of really cool lighting sequences ready to go. I think I sat for a good ten minutes just watching all the various patterns, as there are so many of them. But if you really want to get the most out of these towers, then plug it into a PC and grab the iCUE software.

iCUE smart software

The iCUE software allows you to create some really fun and advanced RGB lighting effects. You can build lighting patterns, set up effects, have multiple layers of programming, and build custom profiles. You can create one profile for all your FPS games, like Fortnite and Valorant, and another for MMOs. Gamers can build macros, dynamic lightning sequences, and even have lights respond to what you’re doing in game. Under fire? Why not have all your lights pulse red? This results in an immersive and dynamic gaming experience.

If you have other iCUE compatible products, like the Dark Core, you’ll be able to control all of them from the comfort of your PC. (You can check out the Corsair website to see just how many pieces of iCUE hardware there are.) With the software, you can choose lighting to suit your own style. More of a blue person? Change the color scheme. Want something a little more colorful? Go for a more varied pattern. The possibilities are endless, and you can really show off your style and personality.

Choose a setup that suits your style. Images: Corsair.

Light up your life

While we’ve talked about the ways you can use the starter kit, there’s more you can do with it. Why not light up more than just your desk? Perhaps you need more than simply two lights? You can expand the setup, and it’s really easy. Just grab the LT100 expansion kit, and add as many lights together as you would like. You can put them at the end of your desk or either side of your monitors (you totally have more than one right?). I still haven’t quite decided where to put mine yet, although they do look amazing sitting on one side of my monitor next to my Zelda sword.

And it’s not just about gaming setups. People on social media have been sharing the many ways they are enjoying the Corsair LT100. One gamer shows how she used them to make her limited edition LEGO model look that much more awesome. See, see how awesome that looks!

So what’s the catch? These seem like really awesome things, so you should go out and buy lots of them right? Well maybe. It depends on how much cash you have on you. The starter kit is $129.99 USD, and the extensions are $59.99 per tower. So it’s not exactly cheap, but nothing good is. If you want to deck out your whole room, start saving now. They are totally worth it and will make any setup look amazing.

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