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Leona Heidern has been revealed for The King of Fighters XV. The returning King of Fighters entrant was shown off in a character trailer by SNK on May 12.

Leona is a striking character. She utilizes aura attacks generated around her hands. And, her strikes come in at a lightning fast pace. Leona’s only projectile is an explosive that she can throw a short distance.

She has been a member of the King of Fighters’ roster since The King of Fighters 96. Leona is the adopted daughter of Heidern; the leader of team Ikari Warriors who took Leona in after her father Gaidel passed away.

Leona and Heidern share a similar move set. While her team has yet to be revealed, Leona has been a member of the Ikari Warriors team in previous games. The Ikari Warriors are a major force in the extended SNK game universe. The group originated in the 1986 run-and-gun game Ikari Warriors. The series would get two sequels and then the main characters Ralf Jones and Clark Steel would begin making appearances in The King of Fighters.

The Ikari Warriors would eventually begin showing up in newer Metal Slug games. Leona appeared as a DLC character for Metal Slug XX. Yasusaki Oda, the producer of The King of Fighters XV, has said that Leona is one of his two favorite characters in the franchise.

SNK has been releasing a new character trailer every Wednesday night for the past several weeks. Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia were revealed last week. The two of them rounded of Team Art of Fighting in the new game. Their third teammate is the previously revealed King. This will be the first time since The King of Fighters 2000 that all three of them are on the same team.

Leona is the 18th character to be revealed for The King of Fighters XV.

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