Legends of Runeterra teases new game modes for upcoming patches

Legends of Runeterra teases new game modes for upcoming patches

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Players have received their first real look at the future of Legends of Runeterra in a blog post from developer Riot Games. Currently in its first season, the Season of Fortune, Riot is working to build a better game before adding more cards. The blog discusses several upcoming game modes, including a competitive mode called Gauntlets. Another game mode and an in-game event, the first of its kind for Legends of Runeterra, are planned for upcoming patches.

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Legends of Runeterra‘s first new event, Gauntlets

Releasing with the next patch, 1.4, Gauntlet will be the first new game mode introduced to Legends of Runeterra. Like the name suggests, players will run a gauntlet of opponents to try and secure a seven-win streak. Not all Gauntlet events will be the same, however. Each event will have different deckbuilding rules that players will have to follow. The first Gauntlet event will release alongside Patch 1.4 on June 26.

Legends of Runeterra Gauntlet

The next Gauntlet will start on July 3 and will have a special singleton rule in place. This will force players to use just one copy of each unique card in their deck. Players will have just four days to compete and earn special rewards. Just participating in the event gives every player a special icon. You’ll also find special rewards for certain Gauntlets, like an exclusive Gauntlet Conqueror icon for those who reach seven wins in the first event.

Labs draw near

Labs are the next new event mode coming to Legends of Runeterra in Patch 1.5. Players will have to follow special deckbuilding or game-changing rules when playing matches to earn rewards. While similar to Gauntlets, Riot intends for Labs to be more casual and more focused on experimentation and fun.

The first Lab is A.R.A.M. and will focus on pairing random champions that normally do not synergize well together. It should work somewhat like A.R.A.M. matches in League of Legends. Players will not build their own decks; instead, the game will generate one for them. Players will pick the champions in their opening hands, but everything else will remain completely unknown.

Each patch after 1.5 will have either a new or an updated Lab to replace the previous one. Some Labs will only feature small tweaks to gameplay, while others will see entirely new game modes. Riot didn’t give more details on what future Labs could look like, but it did say to expect “bigger, crazier experiments later this year and beyond.”

More in the works

The first real in-game event for Legends of Runeterra will come in Patch 1.6, which should release towards the end of July. This will be a month-long event, focusing on a single theme or story event. While it does not yet have a name, the event will feature a brand new Lab, unique quests, new in-game items, and more. Like events in Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends, an Event Pass will be available for players to purchase, which will include extra rewards for players to unlock. Riot Games teased that fans will receive a preview as we draw closer to the event’s release.

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