Legends of Runeterra spoils the first Bilgewater champ, Fizz
Legends of Runeterra Fizz

Legends of Runeterra spoils the first Bilgewater champ, Fizz

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As a little weekend treat, Riot Games has dropped some new spoilers for Legends of Runeterra players on Twitter. The little tidal trickster is bringing a lot of unique features to the game, including being the first one-mana cost champion in the game. While Fizz isn’t the champion players expected after the Miss Fortune tease, the newest Bilgewater champ is going to make waves.

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Fizz washes up in Bilgewater

First up is the fishy boy Fizz, a one-mana champion who has a pretty unique ability. If you cast a spell, he gains Elusive, but more importantly he counters all enemy spells currently targeting him. It’s a strange ability, but a very powerful one that Legends of Runeterra hasn’t seen yet. Players will need to be careful though because the way his ability is worded, it appears to only stop spells, not abilities. As a 2/1 Fizz is a little weak, but he shines once he levels up.

Legends of Runeterra Fizz Guide

Fizz keeps his spell-stopping ability but also creates a Chum the Waters card in hand. Chum the Waters, which sounds really gross, forces a target enemy unit to gain Vulnerable and then summons a Longtooth follower. With Fizz his focus is on combat tricks and keeping him alive. Pairing him up with the Demacia region would be a strong start, with spells like Chain Armor and Barrier for cheap removal protection. Ionia would be good as well, with Deny to protect Fizz when his ability can’t. The biggest thing Fizz will have to watch out for are spells that don’t target a specific unit like Avalanche. Players will need to have a wide variety of spells to keep Fizz safe.

Legends of Runeterra Attune

Several of Fizz’s friends come with a new keyword called Attune. When a unit with Attune enters the battlefield, they refill one spell mana. Legends of Runeterra already has a few spells that do similar things, like Eager Apprentice, but now this ability has a name. Units with Attune complement Fizz by adding blockers to the board while making sure spells can be cast. Attune is an interesting ability but seems to have built-in limitations. The most spell mana players can have is three, so cards can never grant more than that. Riot can’t release a card that gives four spell mana. If a player already has three spell mana and goes to cast Shellshocker, it’s just a mediocre creature. 

With Legends of Runeterra’s official release less than a week away, Riot Game still has more than 50 cards to spoil. For all your spoilers and news, follow Daily Esports.

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