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Riot Games is releasing Legends of Runeterra’s latest patch, version 2.4.0, on March 17. The upcoming LoR Patch focuses on ensuring players can enjoy the new Shurima region even more. Players will have the chance to use new cards, while making use of some quality of life improvements. Asides from this, the patch also brings plenty of bug fixes.

What’s new in Legends of Runeterra

Patch 2.4.0 delivers new cards that were initially left out of the Expedition game mode, when the Empires of Ascended expansion was introduced. A selection of changes to old and new archetypes are also inbound.

The addition, and removal, of certain cards does shake Expedition mode up substantially. Players who are already used to certain archetypes in Expeditions will have to adjust to these changes, as a total of 19 archetypes will experience card changes. Since all picks in Expedition are based on card archetypes, players will have to re-strategize when building their decks.

All Empires of the Ascended archetypes will reduce bonuses. Aside from this, players can now receive the Buried Sun Disc during trade picks, if they have the amount of required Ascended champions.

Cards added and removed from new archetypes

Although Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.4.0 removes and adds a lot of cards to 19 archetypes, the biggest changes come to the new archetypes added in the Empires of Ascended expansion.

For Ascension, Aspiring Chronomancer, Emperor’s Dais, Esteemed Hierophant and Ruin Runner were all added. Patch 2.4.0 will remove the Destined Poro from the Ascension archetype. Sandswept Tomb and Sigil of Malice will join the cards in Reputation. For the Challengers archetype, there have been no removals or additions.

Furthermore, the new patch removes no cards from Incubators. The cards added to Incubators are as follows:

  • Ancient Preparations
  • Aspiring Chronomancer
  • Desert Naturalist
  • Entomb
  • Khahiri the Returned
  • Khahiri the Student
  • Xenotype Researchers.

Wider AI pools and Spellshield bug fixed

In addition to these card changes, the Legends of Runeterra patch 2.4.0 will include an update to allow for a wider pool of AI opponents. So, players can play different AI opponents in the Player vs AI mode, with more options available. Also, visual clarity improvements are coming, to make the process for phasing a Moon weapon much easier.

Another huge part of the patch will be focusing on fixing Spellshields. In update 2.4.0, Spellshields will be able to stop Cataclysms and Captain Arrika’s play effect. Moreover, all players will receive ranked rewards from the Cosmic creation season.

Cards added to old archetypes in Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.4.0

Besides the cards added and removed from the new archetypes, the patch also adds cards to old archetypes. Below is a list of the archetypes and their new cards.

  • Awesome Augments – Startipped Peak
  • Discipline – Sown Seeds
  • Fishbones – Bloodthirsty Marauder and Dunekeeper.
  • Fluft and Tuft – Destined Poro
  • Luminous Dusk – The Fangs
  • Mending Touch – Destiny’s Call
  • Raiding Party – Spoils of War
  • Shadows and Dust – Fields Musicians and Shadow Apprentice
  • Suit Up – Battlefield Prowess and Towering Stonehorn
  • Terrors From the Deep – Lost Riches
  • Total Recall – Concurrent Timelines and Rummage.

Legends of Runeterra patch 2.4.0 is set to go live tomorrow, March 17.