Legends of Runeterra mobile release date & 1.0 patch details revealed
Legends of Runeterra Launch

Legends of Runeterra mobile release date & 1.0 patch details revealed

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Riot Games has officially announced the release of Legends of Runeterra for PC and mobile. Coming April 30, the official release of the game will come with several additions to the game, including a new region and a fresh ranked season. Included in the announcement is a FAQ put out by Riot Games to detail the changes coming to the game.

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Big changes coming to Legends of Runeterra

Most importantly, Riot Games will not be wiping players’ accounts when Legends of Runeterra goes live. The cards players have collected so far will remain in their collections, so all progress players have made with their collections is just fine. Purchases will remain intact as well.

Not only will players keep their current collections, but Riot Games is introducing more than 120 new cards and a brand new region to the game. Spoiler season for Legends of Runeterra will start soon and continue up until the release of the game. Riot did not say what the new region would be unfortunately.

The new cards and region will be available with the 1.0 patch, which goes live sooner, early April 28.

What about that mobile release?

The mobile version of Legends of Runeterra will release with the PC 1.0 patch on April 30. Legends of Runeterra will be available for the iOS App Store and Android Play Store but might take anywhere from 4 to 48 hours to be live depending on the region. By April 30, the mobile version is expected to be released worldwide, excluding China and Vietnam.

The best part of the mobile release is that Legends of Runeterra will feature cross-play with the PC client. Players can link their Riot accounts between the two versions of the game, much like the Teamfight Tactics mobile release.

What else is coming to Legends of Runeterra?

The first official ranked season will begin when the 1.0 patch releases, and players will be getting rewards based on their end-of-season rank. Players will get a Beta Season exclusive icon based on the highest tier reached during the beta. Once the first season releases, players will see a dip in LP to adjust for the next season:

  • Master: -800 LP
  • Diamond and Platinum: -750 LP
  • Gold and Silver: -675 LP
  • Bronze and Iron: moved to Iron IV

Players will then have another two months to climb as high as they can before the next season. More information about upcoming ranked seasons will be coming in future patch notes.

To celebrate the announcement, Riot Games released a gorgeous animated trailer of the game, showcasing some of the game’s most powerful units.

That’s all the information Riot Games has given about the release of Legends of Runeterra so far. For some hot decks to play in the current meta, check out this list of top-rated decks to climb through ranks before the season ends. For more Legends of Runeterra news, spoilers, and more, make sure to follow Daily Esports.

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