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The next expansion for Legends of Runeterra is set to release next Wednesday, October 14. We already got a sneak peek at the new monument card type, and now we have our first look at a new Legends of Runeterra champion coming to the set. Enter Tahm Kench, a smooth-talking monster down from the bayou with a very interesting gameplay style.

Tamh Kench’s abilities

Tahm Kench revolves around capturing (or in his case eating) both allies and enemies to activate his abilities. This champion is a 4 drop champion with 2/6 and creates an “An Acquired Taste” spell card in your hand at the start of each round. Tahm Kench levels up when you have captured 3 units, whether they be allies or enemies. He will then release his captured allies and destroy his enemies upon leveling up. This turns capturing into a secondary destruction ability, which is incredibly powerful, as cards like Detain have far fewer restrictions on what units they target.

An Acquired Taste is Tahm’s main method of capturing units. It is a 2 drop slow speed fleeting spell that lets Tahm Kench “swallow” a unit. This means that the targeted unit will strike Tahm before being captured by him. So swallowing a unit is not completely free and you will have to keep an eye on Tahm’s health so that he doesn’t die before he can level up. Bayou Brunch is a 3 drop slow speed spell and is how Tahm captures allies and recovers his own stats. This card lets you capture an ally and gain that ally’s stats. This lets Tahm Kench recover damage from swallowing enemies. It is also his champion spell.

Get in my belly!

Once he levels up, Tahm becomes a 3/7 and will still generate with An Acquired Taste in hand at the start of each round. On attack, he will Obliterate any captured enemies he has stored up. This makes Tahm Kench a constant threat who is always able to destroy at least one unit on board on each of his turns. Overall, Tahm Kench looks like a very solid champion with a very unique toolset. He is also another great example of how Legends of Runeterra is able to translate the abilities of its MOBA characters into a card game format so well.

Tahm Kench also receives two direct support cards. The first is Wise Fry, a 6 drop with 3/8 and the Overwhelm and Vulnerable keywords. His ability reads “Play: Deal 1 to all other allies and grant me +1/+0 for each of them.” This is a great buff for Wise Fry himself but also makes him a prime target for Tahm to use Bayou Brunch on. That’s especially with his high health value. Lastly is Shakedown, a 1 drop burst speed spell that deals 2 damage to one ally to give two enemies Vulnerable. This makes it easier for your big units, like Tahm Kench, to deal damage directly to the opponent’s nexus.

This new Legends of Runeterra champion will release next week, October 14, along with the new expansion Monuments of Power. Stay tuned the rest of this week for more previews and reveals as we get closer to the set’s release.

Legends of Runeterra champion