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Legends of Runeterra – Call of the Mountain patch notes

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Call of the Mountain, the latest expansion coming to Riot Games digital card game Legends of Runeterra, releases Wednesday, August 26, and with it comes a new round of patch notes. The first of three expansions, Call of the Mountain is the introduction of a new region, the mystical mountains of Targon. Along with a new region comes seven new champion cards, 82 new followers and spells, and a ton of new cosmetics for players to customize their game.

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What’s new in Call of the Mountain?

The Targon region is starting small but has a lot of room to grow in Legends of Runeterra. Four champions are coming to Targon: Aurelion Sol, Diana, Leona, and Taric. 51 other spells and followers are supporting the Targon region. The remaining 38 cards are split across the Freljord, Ionia, and Shadow Isles regions. These regions are also getting new champions: Trundle, Lulu, and Nocturne, respectively.

Not only does Call of the Mountain introduce new cards, but it introduces some new abilities as well.

  • Behold: Bonus if you have a type of card in play or hand.
  • Daybreak: Bonus if this is the first card you play in a round.
  • Fury: When I kill a unit, grant me +1/+1.
  • Invoke: Pick a Celestial card from among three to create in hand.
  • Nightfall: Bonus if this is not the first card you play in a round.
  • Spellshield: Negates the next enemy spell or skill that would affect me.

The Daybreak and Nightfall keyword abilities have different effects depending on each card. The Invoke ability chooses a card from a unique pool of cards with the Celestial subtype. These cards are similar to the Treasure cards introduced in the Rising Tides expansion.

How to get the new cards

Targon is getting its own region road with 20 levels of rewards to earn. Freljord, Ionia, and Shadow Isles are also getting a boost, now capping at level 29. As players level up in other regions their rewards will only be from Call of the Mountain. Once Patch 1.8 releases, players will get an XP bonus of 50% for the first 12 levels of the Bilgewater region road.

If players are unsure about what champions or cards they want to play with, the new Lab can help out. Called “Discover Targon,” this Lab gives players the chance to play with one of six preconstructed decks to test out. Each deck is built around a specific theme and highlights how the new cards can synergize with old ones. The fastest way to get a hold of new cards is to pick up the Celestial Radiance preconstructed deck for around 2016 coins. This deck is built around the champions Aurelion Sol and Leona for a beefy midrange list.

Legends of Runeterra latest Ranked resets

With Call of the Mountain comes a ranked season reset. Ranked mode is currently disabled and is expected to open back up around 1 p.m. ET on August 26. Once the patch releases, players will get new reward icons based on the highest tier they reached during the season. Players will then be dropped down in rank depending on what they were at when the previous season ended.

  • Master accounts will drop eight divisions.
  • Diamond and Platinum accounts will drop seven divisions and 50 LP.
  • Gold and Silver accounts will drop 6 divisions and 75 LP.
  • Bronze and Iron accounts will be set to Iron IV.

The next expansion for Call of the Mountain will release in October, with the final expansion due in December. Once the full set is out, each region should have roughly the same number of followers, spells, and champions. Make sure to follow Daily Esports for more Legends of Runeterra news, updates, and more.

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