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The last expansion to Legends of Runeterra’s Call of the Mountain expansion, Cosmic Creation, is adding more than just cards to the game. Tons of new features, collectibles, and cosmetics are joining the 40-card expansion. The full patch notes have been released for the 1.16 patch and detail all the cool features coming to the game.

Prismatic Legends of Runeterra card styles

The biggest announcement in the 1.16 patch notes is the inclusion of Prismatic Card Styles. These card styles are a fancy new way to customize cards. Prismatic cards have a gold filigree border and have a foil-like pattern in the art. Every card can gain a Prismatic style, from common to champion rarity.

Legends of Runeterra Cosmic Creation

With Prismatic cards comes a new chest and a new collectible resource. Prismatic chests give players the choice to upgrade a card from three options. Players earn these chests from special quests and as a part of Ranked Rewards at the end of a season.

Prismatic card styles can also be crafted from Essence, a new resource currently only used for Prismatic cards. Players gain Essence from quests, Essence Pouches, and Prismatic Chests. For players looking to quickly upgrade their decks, Coins can be used to upgrade cards as well.

Region Road changes

The Region Roads for Noxus, Piltover & Zaun, and Targon are increasing from a max level of 25 to 30 to accommodate for the three new champions. A new Zaun specific card back is also being added to the Piltover & Zaun Road to give players a choice between the two cities’ designs. Players can also earn a new icon for each region when they hit level 30.

Labs are changing in Legends of Runeterra

Labs are getting a quick update by increasing the variety of Labs available at a given time. Players will now be able to pick from three different Labs to participate in instead of just one. The new format starts with three fan-favorite Labs: Quick Draw, Star Power, and Journey to the Peak. When a new Lab opens up, it will replace an older one.

Cosmic Creations cosmetics are coming

Coming with the expansion are some neat new cosmetics. Included are a new board, icons, emote, and a Riven card back. Players can pick up the Undercity board, Nyandroid Von Yipp Guardian, and an exclusive Calculated Creations icon if they purchase the Zaun Bundle from the shop.

The Cosmic Creation expansion is releasing on December 16 at 1 PM ET and is bringing three new champions and 37 new units, spells, and landmarks to Legends of Runeterra.