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William “Leffen” Hjelte won Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles at Battle of the Armada 2 on August 15. A Fox main, Leffen finished as No. 2 in the world on the 2019 MPGR. However, he utilized his secondary Sheik throughout the entirety of this tournament.

Even without using his main, Leffen swept through pools unopposed. In the process, he beat the likes of Vetle “Widl” Hovland and Niklas “Niklas2912” Løtveit without dropping any games. Then in Winners Quarters, Leffen narrowly defeated George “Rikzz” T. 3-2.

Leffen received a bye in Winners Semis, since Mustafa “Ice” Akçakaya dropped out of the bracket in top 8. As a result, Leffen advanced directly into Winners Finals. There, he faced Álvaro “Trif” García Moral, a top 20 player and the reigning Battle of the Armada champion. Leffen beat Trif 3-0 in Winners Finals and 3-1 in Grand Finals in order to win Battle of the Armada 2.

Adam “Armada” Lindgren hosted Battle of the Armada 2 for Melee players subscribed to his Twitch channel. He previously hosted a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament, along with another Melee event.

Other results from Battle of the Armada 2

Trif naturally performed quite well at Battle of the Armada 2, finishing in 2nd place. He ran through a Falco player gauntlet, beating Anthony “Fekah” Salinas, Carl-Magnus “Calle W” Wall, Ifran “4tilt” K., and Elliot “Frenzy” Grossman. Then, Trif beat Captain Falcon player Isdsar Inath, despite historically struggling in the Falcon matchup. Finally, Trif beat Niklas “Kins0” V., another Falco player, 3-2 in Losers Finals.

Kins0 edged out many solid competitors on his way to 3rd place at this event. He beat Adam “ModestMajor” Burrington and Aaron “Professor Pro” Thomas before dropping a set to Isdsar. Afterward, Kins0 eliminated Ville “Levingy” Miekk-oja, Frenzy, and Akim “Makenshi” Nechiche.

Makenshi lost early at Battle of the Armada 2, suffering an upset loss at the hands of Isdsar. However, he made a solid losers run to finish in 4th place. Makenshi overcame ModestMajor, 4tilt, Rikzz, and Professor Pro in the losers bracket. In addition, he won his runback against Isdsar in Losers Quarters.