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The LEC has a history of creating funny videos and features that keep the crowd dancing. Over a week ago, the production team promoted their hot new rap battle. This week, they released an electronic dance track featuring esports host Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere. The new track, called “LECtronic,” wows their audience with some detailed choreography and lyrics.

The song is all about showing LEC pride, and the team made sure they got their point across: “This tenacity is EU at it’s best/ It’s time for the LEC loyals to show their fandom/ Put your hands together, this is your Anthem.”

This isn’t the first time KIA Motors has collaborated with the LEC for a musical project. Seven months ago, the motor company helped them produce a track called “I want the LEC back!” The video amassed over 500 thousand views.

Behind the scenes of LEC’s new track

Sjokz uploaded a Behind The Scenes video, to give LEC fans some insight over the making of the video. She stated the team had taken dance classes for two months to prepare for the initial shoot. Throughout the video, she documented everything between dance lessons, lunch, production shoots, and off-time. There were some difficulties, however, as most of the production team had no prior experience in dancing. Sjokz even admitted that it’s been over a decade since she last danced, so this was an eye-opener for her.

Fans are overall excited over “LECtronic.” Many Twitter users shared that they are impressed with the time and effort put into this new project.

The video is a celebration for the LEC Summer Finals, starting tomorrow. The first match will be a Best of Five between G2 Esports and Rogue at 11 AM EST. The second match will be Fnatic versus Saturday’s winner, which will take place on Sunday.

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