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With new branding, comes a new season format for the LEC. Europe will be bringing some big changes to the playoff format for 2019. From what we can see, the change will bring better and more exciting matches for League of Legends fans.

As shown in the video, the regular season will be fairly standard, with a double round robin format over best of ones. The season will also last nine weeks in total. However, the playoffs are a completely different beast. Originally, the format for the playoffs would be fairly straightforward. The top six teams from the regular season will qualify for the playoffs, while the top two teams get a bye into the semifinals. Then each team will play each other in a single elimination best of five. Now, the whole playoff bracket is completely different.

Fresh Take for the LEC Playoffs

LEC Playoff Format

Here is a new way that the LEC will be playing out their playoffs. Like before, teams three to six will face off in round one. However, there is a new stipulation: the third-place team can now choose if they want to face the fifth-place team or sixth place team. Afterward, the winners of those two matches will move on to the second round.

In the second round, the winners of round one’s best of five’s will face off against each other. At the same time, the first and second place teams will face off against one another in a best of five in a “Juggernaut” match. Whoever wins that match between the first and second place teams heads straight to the finals. Meanwhile, the loser of the Juggernaut match will have to face the winner of the other round two matchups.

In round three, the winner of game three and the loser of game four will duke it out. Whoever ends up winning that best of five will head to the Grand Finals. It is a great change that many people are praising on social media. (If things are confusing, watch the video LOLESPORTS released too!)

Community Reaction

For many League of Legends fans, this was a great change to the old playoff format. For example, there is no more third-place match anymore! Many people, including Riot Games, were noticing that not many people would watch the third place match, as the stakes were not as high. However, each match in the playoffs is important now, as they all lead to the Grand Finals. Additionally, we get to see the top-seeded teams face off at least once in a best of five series. Throughout the years, we would never get to see the two best teams face off in the playoffs, due to a sudden upset here and there.

Now, this guarantees that the best of the LEC get to battle it out once. We could even see the same matchup in the Finals if all the cards fall in the right places. This format also throws a lot of unpredictability into the mix for the top teams as well. Whoever wins the Juggernaut match in round two must prepare for two teams, because they won’t know who they are facing until the day before the Grand Finals. More excitement for everyone!

What are your thoughts on the LEC changing their season format? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more LEC coverage, check us out here!

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