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In all of the excitement of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific news dropping yesterday, the hints about Vanguard Season 1 were overlooked. Activision let players know about what they can expect in the new season with a blog post. This includes two free weapons, more Operators, multiplayer modes and two new maps. However, the tail end of the details mentioned that a fan-favorite map was returning with Vanguard Season 1.

There are two prominent leakers with differing perspectives when it comes to guessing which map Activision is talking about in their blog post. One leaker seems to think Vanguard is returning one of the most classic maps in the franchise. On the other hand, the other seems to think anything but that particular map is coming to Vanguard.

Vanguard Season 1 mystery map

There are two maps coming to Vanguard Season 1 but Activision specifically mentioned one in their blog post; a “Pacific-inspired take on a fan-favorite classic Call of Duty map.” Of course, no additional information was divulged on the part of Activision.

However, leakers began to guess which map they could be referring to. @TheMW2Ghost was the first to mention it. Although they didn’t name the map, they said they’d previously leaked this specific map.

In a tweet back on June 30, this leaker told their followers that the Modern Warfare 2 map Terminal would be in Vanguard, which seems to be the map they’re referring to for Season 1.

However, another leaker, @TheGhostofHope, was quick to dispel this rumor. When asked about the possibility of Terminal being the mystery map, they simply said “no.” Their guess was Jungle from Black Ops 1 but they also left the door open for Makin from World at War. Makin is a guess due to the leaked Season 1 screenshot that looked similar to the World At War map.

It seems that neither leaker has a concrete source for which maps are to come with Vanguard Season 1. Fans should get confirmation from Activision later this week when the official Season 1 roadmap releases.