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Activision has already confirmed numerous times that Call of Duty: Warzone is returning for Black Ops Cold War. There will be a new leveling system in the game, but your blueprints and progress will carry over from Modern Warfare. However, that’s all we know for sure about Warzone‘s future in Call of Duty. Of course, that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning as more files are being added to the game. One of the most recent leaks seems to suggest that the Alcatraz map from Blackout battle royale could return for the next season of the game.

Alcatraz returning in Call of Duty: Warzone?

Blackout was the first battle royale that Call of Duty released. Launching last year alongside Black Ops 4, Blackout was relatively successful but ultimately held back by its $60 price tag. This was all changed when Activision released Warzone in the middle stages of Modern Warfare, though.

Warzone now looks to be the future of battle royale in CoD and Activision has stated this many times. Of course, we don’t know exactly what this entails. Black Ops Cold War is an entirely new game and if Warzone is to exist alongside it, the BR needs a complete revamp.

Part of this reconstruction could be introducing some old Black Ops features. A recent leak claims that the Alcatraz map from Blackout has been added to the game files of Modern Warfare.


The leak comes TheGamingRevolution and Tom Henderson, formerly known as Long Sensation. It appears the Alcatraz files and images are new to Warzone, so this likely means the map will arrive fairly soon. It’s reported that this release could be in time for the leaked Zombie Royale mode. However, it’s presumably no coincidence that Alcatraz is arriving just prior to Black Ops Cold War. We’ll have to await more details on this possible addition to Warzone.

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