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League of Legends introducing new Praetorian skin line

Riot Games’ skin and cosmetics team must be working quite hard, as they are bringing four new skins to League of Legends. First, Riot is adding LeBlanc and Nami to the Program themed skin roster. Additionally, they are creating a new robotic skin line called the Praetorian series. Fiddlesticks and Graves will be the first to join the skin line.

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LeBlanc and Nami are the fifth and sixth champions joining the Program line of skins. They will add themselves to the ranks of iBlitzcrank, Program Lissandra, Camille and Soraka. This means that players will be able to create a five-man lineup of Programs to play on the Rift. Also, the Program skins belong in the PROJECT universe of skins, where champions like Jhin, Ekko, Vayne, and Yasuo are available as well. LeBlanc and Nami share the same green and white color scheme as the others, but the lore behind them is unknown.

For many of the other Program skins, their backstories differ but there is one constant. The champions were originally created as robots for the betterment of society. However, their coding would become corrupt, and the robots would end up wrestling control from their human owners. Camille is one of the big crossovers from the skin lines, as she actually hunts down members of the G/NETIC rebellion group.

Praetorian skins!

Meanwhile, the new Praetorian skin line should be hitting the Rift for the next patch. Many fans should be excited about these new skins, even though they are on champions that may not be in the meta right now.

Fiddlesticks and Graves transport onto the Rift as deadly robot predators. Their thematic colors, with the purple and black, is very ominous, especially with the red last sensors. Fiddlesticks looks less like a scarecrow and more like a monster. Meanwhile, Graves looks a lot like Overwatch‘s Bastion, with a boxhead and large robotic shotgun. Now, there could be multiple universes that these skins can interact with.

Of course, as a robotic-themed skin line, they could interact with the PROJECT and Program skins. Maybe, the G/NETIC rebels with Ashe, Ekko, Yasuo and Master Yi could come under fire from these Praetorians, which were created by the Programs. However, a crossover that could be interesting could be with the newly released Odyssey skin line. The crew of the Morning Star could collide with these seemingly killer robots in space, and battle each other. The Praetorians could even launch an attack on Earth, and the Morning Star crew would defend its people!

Final Thoughts

The only thing people will complain about is that Riot is releasing another robot skin line. Many people already think that between Mecha, PROJECT, and Program, there are already way too many robot skins for the market. However, no one can say that the skin team for League of Legends isn’t one of the best in video games. Most of the skins they have released recently have been quality, and I know people will spend money on these anyway.

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