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LDM Esports, the winner of Masters 1 in the northern Latin American region, did not pay its players and they have left the organization. The team is currently on the hunt for a new organization to represent them as the LDM Esports organization has dissolved its VALORANT and Chilean League of Legends team.

According to the owner of the Chilean organization, Misrain “MisrraVB” Valenciam, LDM Esports was allegedly scammed by its former co-owner & co-CEO José “Ezio” Pérez.

“Towards the end of the entire situation, he left. He simply got up and escaped.” MisrraVB said in a response to the situation on the LDM Esports YouTube channel. “He left, and I sent him messages, like they’re taking the PC’s, they’re taking the electronics. And he never answered. He simply turn his phone off and done.”

LDM Esports before today

LDM Esports is a Chilean esports organization founded by MisrraVB, a LATAM Twitch streamer. It had a League of Legends team in the Chilean league and has a decent following. In 2020, the organization expanded with a second League of Legends team in Mexico and a VALORANT squad. With the expansion came new management as the organization need more administrators to keep track of the various teams. MisrraVB hired Luis “Creador150” Cisneros who then brought in the alleged scammer Ezio.

All three rosters found success in 2020 and early 2021. The VALORANT roster did exceptionally well, winning the Stage 1 Masters 1 tournament in the northern LATAM region.

The League of Legends teams were no slouches either. Its Entel Honor League team just bowed out of the playoffs back in march after an eighth place finish. It Mexico squad, LDM Mexico, won the 2021 Division of Honor Telcel playoffs three days ago, April 4.

Then LDM Esports announced the departure of Creador150 and Ezio on April 5.

“What happened is that the Creador150 introduced me to Ezio, who they thought was like a “millionaire” and well, it’s assumed he had a lot of money,” MisrraVB said. “Well, it turned out that he didn’t, and not soon after Creador150 left. In the press release we stated that he left around the same time as the release, and it wasn’t like that. He left a while back, but we decided to go with it in order to clean our image and start over.”

LDM Esports falls

After Creador150 left, Ezio and MisrraVB were left to run the organization. According to MisrraVB, Ezio was responsible for the northern operations. But, he was not able to officially sign paperwork as an owner of the team.

“I always had my doubts, because he always told me he was going to get lawyers and all of that, but in the end, it never went through because he signed all of the documents with false identification,” MisrraVB said.

The VALORANT team was living in a gaming house at the time, that was owned by Estral Esports. In the video, the owner of LDM says that Ezio told the players that they would be paid at the end of the month. But, allegedly Ezio mounted many debts to different people in his time as a co-owner which all came to head April 6. The VALORANT team was kicked out of the gaming house and their computer equipment was taken as Ezio failed to pay the sponsors and Estral Esports.

The teams captain Julian “BEAST” Lauandos posted a photo to Twitter of the team together with their bags that day.

“So that’s basically it. We’re in debt, and of course, regrettably so am I.” MisrraVB said. “I had no idea that any of that was happening, because I was under the impression that everything was getting paid. The players didn’t communicate with me saying ‘hey, Missra, I’m not getting paid.’ I didn’t know it was such a big debt owed to them.”

The team had to forfeit its most recent VCT Stage 2 matches, because they had no equipment or place to play. The LATAM caster Emmanuel Javier “Reptile” Neyra, who used to work for LDM Esports, posted to Twitter about the teams need for an organization along with an email to send offers.

Recently Spencer “Hiko” Martin said that he may be starting a fundraiser for the now-orgless team to get back on their feet.

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