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In the wake of this year’s Mid-Season Invitational, the organizers just announced the LCK schedule for the summer split. The split will feature ten weeks, and each team will play 18 best-of-three matches. Interestingly, the opening series of the split won’t be a rematch of the previous split’s finals. Instead, KT Rolster and Jin Air Green Wings will be the first teams to take the stage in summer. The Korean League of Legends league will make its return on July 5.

As a reminder, both teams had to fight for their LCK spot in the Spring Promotion tournament. They even played against each other in one of the rounds, with KT Rolster coming out as the victor. KT has made a big change since they last played Jin Air, bringing Kim “Pray” Jong-in back from his short retirement. On the other hand, Jin Air has made no changes so far, which is rather odd seeing as they were the weakest team in spring by a big margin.

A look at some of the more interesting LCK matches

We’ll have to wait for the LCK Spring finals rematch all the way till Week 3.  The last time they met, SK Telecom T1 bested Griffin in a quick finals sweep to qualify for MSI. The reigning LCK champions recently renamed to T1, reducing the length of their name significantly. Will the name change reduce their chances of winning the split as well? Only time will tell.

Some more notable match-ups include the former CK teams SANDBOX Gaming (previously Team BattleComics) clashing with DAMWON Gaming in week 5. Both teams promoted to the LCK in the 2018 Summer Promotion and did surprisingly well in their inaugural split. They also both made it to playoffs and coincidentally matched-up against each other in the first round. DAMWON managed to beat SANDBOX in three games, but they went on to lose to Kingzone DragonX in the second round. This might be a rivalry in the making, so we’ll keep an eye on the young teams to see what comes out of it.

2019 LCK Summer League of Legends DAMWON SANDBOX

Lastly, the always amusing Telecom War between T1 and KT Rolster will take place in Week 4. With T1 coming off a rather disappointing MSI and KT Rolster bringing new reinforcements on board, the match is bound to be a must-watch for any competitive League of Legends fan.

Which team do you think will dominate the last LCK split of the season? Let us know in the comments below! And for more League of Legends and LCK coverage, stay in touch with Daily Esports!

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