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The latest round of Legends of Runeterra spoilers brings a ton of powerful cards for players to experiment with. Top end bombs, huge landmarks, and surprisingly effective spells will give players plenty of new ways to defeat their opponents. Let’s take a look at the latest cards spoiled for Call of the Mountain’s final expansion, Cosmic Creation.

First up are two Demacia region cards that cause major disruption to the board. The Grand Plaza, a very cost efficient landmark, gives all allied units +1/+1 and Challenger for the round. Every unit players cast with this landmark on board are threats, able to hunt down enemy units they might be trying to protect. The Grand Plaza will likely see play in midrange Bannermen decks or Scouts list. Very efficient units become even better with the boost.

The second Demacia card to be spoiled for Legends of Runeterra is Captain Arrika. At 8 mana Captain Arrika is a little pricey but in return players can rip a unit or landmark off the board. Captain Arrika has Spellshield, forcing opponents to 2-for-1 themselves if they want to get their card back. It will definitely have a place in many decks based on it’s board disruption alone.

Silence your enemies with this Legends of Runeterra spoiler

Next up is Moonlight Affliction from the Targon region. This powerful Burst spell silences two units for five mana, which on its own is fairly powerful. If the Nightfall ability triggers, those units cannot block either. This spell is both aggressive and defensive depending on how it’s used. Removing the buffs from a pumped up unit or removing blockers for an all out attack is great in many decks.

The other landmark spoiled is Targon’s Peak and it is a risky card. At the start of each round it reduces the cost of a random card in each player’s hand to 0. Players could swing a match by getting a turn 6, zero mana Aurelion Sol. But so could your opponent. How much play this landmark will receive is hard to gauge since it can backfire so spectacularly.

Cosmic Creation will release on December 16 and as more Legends of Runeterra spoilers drop, make sure to follow Daily Esports.