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A Las Vegas Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player has been charged with sexually assaulting and harassing a teenage girl he met online, according to a report by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Kenton “Kmoney” King reportedly met the girl in-person, sexually assaulted her, and took lewd images of her. Then, he allegedly blackmailed her with the pornographic images, threatening to share them if she didn’t comply with his demands. While Kmoney was initially arrested in June, he was not indicted by a grand jury until December 15.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said that Smash player Kmoney acknowledged the demands he made of the teenage girl. These demands were apparently part of a “sadomasochistic fantasy where he could be a master and have a submissive female as a sex slave.”

According to federal court records, the grand jury formally charged Kmoney with multiple criminal offenses. These included coercion and enticement, sexual exploitation of a child, possession of child pornography, and attempted sex trafficking of children. However, the Las Vegas Smash player has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges made against him.

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Unfortunately, this event in Las Vegas is far from the first alleged occurrence of sexual misconduct to plague the Smash community. This summer, more than a hundred Smash community members faced accusations of misconduct, ranging from sexual harassment to statutory rape. However, unlike most of the previous cases, Kmoney’s accusation did actually lead to an arrest and an indictment.

The Las Vegas Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community has already taken action in response to Kmoney’s indictment. Their conduct panel announced an immediate ban on December 30, prohibiting Kmoney from attending any future Vegas Smash Ultimate tournaments. While there is no longer a national Smash Conduct Panel, other local communities will likely ban Kmoney as well.

Kmoney’s arrest was part of a broader attempt by the FBI and state police agencies to crack down on human trafficking in Nevada. They have also filed charges in five separate human trafficking cases this month alone.