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LA Thieves broke their losing streak since adding Huke to the main roster with a 3-0 victory over the London Royal Ravens at the Stage 3.

London Royal Ravens showed promise earlier in Stage 3 when they defeated LA Thieves last month. They continued to look strong when they took on Seattle Surge in their last match of Stage 3 to get them 2-3 overall in the standings. Despite having two wins, London still started in the first round of elimination where they faced off against Paris Legion.

The LA Thieves, on the other hand, were placed in winners round one for the second time this season. Last time they faced off against the LA Guerrillas and got swept, which happened again when they faced off against the Florida Mutineers. Before beating London Royal Ravens, LA Thieves had been on a two-game losing streak since adding Huke to the roster in place of TJHaly. There was little time to practice with their new lineup before the Major, but things appear to be looking up for the Thieves finally.

LA Thieves close out their leads against London

LA Thieves started off great on Garrison Hardpoint, winning a decisive 250-123 over the Royal Ravens. Huke and Ken “Kenny” Williams both dropped  thirty kills during the round. Against Florida, the LA Thieves struggled to close their lead out during Checkmate. This time they kept their momentum going against London to the end.

“3-0 SWEEP #LATHIEVES. The squad clutches up in the Round 5 Control to keep the Lower Bracket run alive. Good work boys,” LA Thieves tweeted.

Express Search and Destroy was the second match of the series and went to a round eleven between the two teams. Zach “Drazah” Jordan was having an uncharacteristic game against London, going triple-negative overall at 3/9. He had the help of his other three teammates to clutch up in the last round and take the second map 6-5. Checkmate Control also went the distance to a round five after the Thieves came back from a 2-1 deficit. The London Royal ravens played well together on Control and pushed LA back, but in the end, Drazah and Kenny proved to be the better assault rifle duo. After taking the Control 3-2 they swept London out of the Major and live to fight another day.