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The Los Angeles Guerrillas have a new documentary series on YouTube about their journey in the Call of Duty League, called Hardline. The documentary discusses internal aspects of the LA Guerrillas such as the roster and player interviews. Episode 1, “Cold Reception,” shows a reflection of the team’s performance at the Minneapolis launch event. Looking forward, team captain Patrick “ACHES” Price reveals that his team is confident in being able to bring down the Chicago Huntsmen in London.

Hardline shows another side of a CDL team

In the episode, ACHES reveals that the main reason that his team will have the edge over the Chicago Huntsmen is their coaching staff network. The head coach of the team is Embry “Bevil” Bevil. He is joined by assistant coach Richard “Ricky” Stacy and analyst Doug Liebe.

In this first Hardline episode, ACHES describes the significance of his team winning the matchup by stating that if “we’re playing well, and we upset Chicago, I think that’s gonna be … a story in itself, where we can ride that wave.” Also, Aches highlights the fact that his team are going to spend “the next nine days real hardcore preparing for the Chicago match.” This emphasizes the importance of this match to ACHES as an individual player.

Certainly, the LA Guerrillas series will be interesting to follow, considering that the first episode suggests the team is looking for revenge. This is due to their poor performance at the launch weekend, their disagreement with the power rankings, and their SND loss due to using a banned perk.

A long-lived rivalry

The Chicago Huntsmen match against the Los Angeles Guerrillas will be a highly anticipated match for Call of Duty fans. This is because ACHES in particular has a rivalry with the CEO of the Chicago Huntsmen, Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez. In addition, ACHES has been known to cause numerous upsets against the old Optic Gaming roster. An example of this is ACHES beating Optic Gaming in the MLG Columbus Grand Final in 2014.

Both teams are set to go head to head at 6 a.m. PST, 9 a.m. EST, and 2 p.m. GMT on Feb. 8.

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