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On Wednesday, Raven Software released a patch in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 that increased the Krig 6’s recoil, but the developers didn’t give an actual percentage in the patch notes. TrueGameData later discovered that Raven applied a 410% increase to recoil on the Krig 6 in Warzone.

At first glance, the update nerfed some key weapons in the battle royale, including the FARA 83, OTs 9 and Krig 6. Though, the former two weapons actually had statistics behind their nerfs. Fans were left wondering how drastic of a nerf the Krig was facing. After TrueGameData’s findings, though, the community knows just how much the Krig was affected by the Sept 15 patch.

Raven Software nerfs the Krig 6 significantly in Warzone

At the start of Season 5 Reloaded, the developers applied a similar nerf to the Krig 6. The weapon had its weapon kick adjusted and damage ranges slashed. However, for whatever reason, the developers apparently felt that the gun still needed more changes.

Perhaps it was because of the Krig’s popularity in Warzone. There was no weapon that saw more usage in Season 4 and 5 than the Cold War assault rifle thanks to its excellent damage range and virtual no recoil. Neither one of those traits remain on the Krig after this patch, though.

If players go into Warzone and attempt to use the Krig 6 right now, they’ll likely notice a massive difference. Even with attachments like the Field Agent Grip equipped, the recoil is simply too much to overcome for even the most proficient of aimers. It now kicks straight up into the air when firing. The Krig currently has 151% more recoil than the XM4, one of its comparable counterparts.

For any player wondering if the Krig 6 is still viable in Season 5 of Warzone, the answer is quite clear. Although, we don’t know if this drastic of a nerf was intentional. Raven Software hasn’t confirmed TrueGameData’s findings, and the patch notes for the Sept. 15 update didn’t specify how much they increased the Krig’s recoil.

As of right now, players shouldn’t use the Krig 6 in Warzone. Something like QBZ-83 or Groza are much wiser options until Season 6 arrives. If players don’t want an AR, they can go with the DMR-14, which received a massive buff with Season 5 Reloaded.