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Korea storms back on Day Four of Worlds 2018

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Korea has jumped right back up in the Worlds standings with two more wins via KT Rolster and Afreeca Freecs on Day Four. Also, could Europe continue their impressive streak throughout the group stage with Fnatic and G2 Esports? This has been one of the more exciting Worlds group stages in some time, with multiple upsets and comeback wins. Could Team Liquid finally get a win after a disappointing three days? Would Edward Gaming and Invictus Gaming continue China’s dominance? Let us hop into the results of Worlds Day Four.

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Afreeca Freecs takes down Phong Vu Buffalo

The first game of day four would task Phong Vu Buffalo versus top Korean team Afreeca Freecs. It would only take 26 minutes for the third place LCK team to take the win. It was a tale of two levels, as Afreeca Freecs were simply way too strong for Phong Vu to counter. Afrecca would draft in favor of their mechanical advantages, and it would pay off in spades. Additionally, as soon as Afreeca Freecs would take Baron, they would be like a runaway freight train.  Lee “Kuro” Seo-haeng would lead the way with six kills, while the team as a whole would only give up two kills the whole game.

A Wunderful G2 Esports performance versus Flash Wolves

The second game of the day would bring shades of legendary xPeke back to Worlds. However, it would be pretty back and forth for the first 25 minutes of the game. G2 would execute some pretty well timed ganks to keep themselves in the lead, and also taking towers and objectives. Meanwhile, Flash Wolves would keep themselves in it by taking both dragons. Flash Wolves would then call for a Baron take that would seal their fate. With G2 already knocking at their enemies’ base, G2 top laner Martin “Wunder” Hansen would push right through the bottom lane. By the time Flash Wolves would notice him, it would be too late and the nexus would fall.

G2 was actually playing some of the best macro we have seen from any Western team at Worlds. Against Afreeca Freecs, their macro and decision making was great. Now, on day four, they are proving that they are not just flukes and that they are a top tier team for a reason. Their utilization of a 1-3-1 push was perfect in pulling and pushing the Wolves to wherever they wanted. Europe has been looking quite impressive at Worlds so far.

Invictus Gaming runs over 100 Thieves in 20 minutes

If you blinked, you would probably miss the massacre that was this game. Probably the shortest game not only on day four but in all of Worlds, IG would dominate 100 Thieves the whole time. It was almost embarrassing with how lopsided this match was, with Invictus in the lead for the majority of the game. The bottom lane of 100 Thieves would play horribly, with Richard “Rikara” Samuel Oh and Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black combining for almost half the teams’ deaths. The inexperience and lack of synergy between the duo are glaring, as they would both make crucial mistakes throughout the match.

Meanwhile, phenom Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo would lead the way again for IG, with six kills to his name. China’s quest for domination over the League of Legends world is going strong. On the other side, North America’s representatives are constantly struggling against the top tier challengers of the groups. It isn’t hard to believe that NA may not even make it past the group stage this year.

Broxah kicks a path for Fnatic over G-Rex

Fnatic would come into day four of Worlds with a new player: Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau in the top lane. However, it would be Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen on his Lee Sin that would prove to be the difference-maker. Right out of the gate, Fnatic would take control of the game, after turning a gank in the top lane. Broxah would be all over the map, affecting almost every lane and getting leads. He would help snowball himself and his team into an impossible lead that G-Rex simply could not overcome. They would cap off a 24-minute win with a Ryze ult into the enemy fountain, making sure their defeat from yesterday was nothing but a distant memory.

Team Liquid finds a win against MAD Team

This game was the complete opposite of Fnatic’s blazingly fast performance against G-Rex. Although Team Liquid would finally take a win off of MAD Team, it was one of the slowest games of day four. It felt like Team Liquid was ahead of the Taiwanese squad the whole game. However, it also felt like Team Liquid was too scared to take any risks. This lead to a slow-paced game that probably didn’t need to reach 37 minutes. However, taking the safe route isn’t wrong for Team Liquid, and should give them confidence for the next few games.

KT Rolster displays their dominance with a win against Edward Gaming

KT Rolster is looking unbeatable after their dismantling of Edward Gaming on day four of Worlds. Out of all the teams at the tournament, KT Rolster looks the most composed and prepared for every team. Edward Gaming is not a pushover by any means; they are actually one of the best performing teams right now. However, KT is just at a different level than everyone else. Their macro and micro abilities were on full display today, where their front line was able to peel enough for Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu to run rampant on the Chinese team.

I know many KT Rolster fans are trying not to get excited about this team but after the last four days, it’s really hard not to get hyped. Right now, the Korean superteam looks poised for a run at the Summoner’s Cup.

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