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Rogue announces Kikis as first member of LoL team

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One of the newest organizations in the League of Legends European Championship has their first member. Rogue Gaming is bringing in Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek as their jungler for 2019.

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This news comes after several reports would indicate that Rogue has found their full roster for next season. Kikis would state his excitement to join the new team. Also, he would express his gratitude to Team Vitality for picking him up:

In the last two years, my career derailed a bit and Team Vitality was the one to pick me up when no one else was willing to and I want to thank them big time for that. With Rogue, it’s now the time to build something new starting Spring Split and I also want to prove myself. Why? Because people still have doubts regarding me even though I showed that I positively influence the teams that I joined. I’m also tired of constantly changing organizations and the people I work with, so that’s why I committed to a three-year contract with Rogue

Additionally, he would call upon the LEC fans to support his team, saying, “I’m going to focus on this team to bring out the best of me and my teammates so I can hold that trophy again just like with G2 in the 2016 Spring Split. You can choose if you want to start supporting us now or on the way to it, but then you won’t be able to brag you believed in us from the start.”

Kikis and Team Vitality

Kikis is a four-year veteran on the LEC but would run into problems from 2016 to the middle of 2018. After a season with Fnatic, he would have a short stint with their Academy team. He would stay on Fnatic as their substitute top laner, but he would end up parting ways with the organization. After leaving Fnatic, he wouldn’t be able to find a spot on an EU LCS team. As a result, he would flit from team to team in order to remain relevant in the League scene. First, he would join Mysterious Monkeys, then Szata Mata, and lastly, Illuminar Gaming.

It was looking like his future in the EU LCS was done. However, he would get a new lease on life with Team Vitality, who would pick him up as a veteran presence for their rookies. With Team Vitality, he would help propel them to Worlds, where they would start the Western Revolution in Korea. Their aggressive playstyle would inspire all the other Western teams to follow their lead and play their own way. Later on, Europe would end up reaching the Finals of Worlds 2018.

Reported Rogue Roster

Meanwhile, ESPN would report that Rogue would be adding multiple members to the team. According to sources, Kim “Profit” Jun-hyung, Chres “Sencux” Laursen and Kim “Wadid” Bae-in are all being added to the team. Wadid is coming off of a great season with G2 Esports, where they would reach the 2018 Worlds semi-finals. Sencux would have an off-year with Misfits Gaming and will be looking to bounce back in 2019. Profit would spend a year with Team ROCCAT, only reaching the playoffs in the spring.

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