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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 players in the UK have something to look forward to beginning on Jan. 17. According to the Esports Observer, KFC is going to be hosting their very own tournament that will feature Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s Battle Royale mode, “Blackout.”

A £50k prize pool is up for grabs. Sixteen content creators will be competing in the tournament. Another interesting prize that only KFC can offer is a KFC Black Card. It essentially gives whoever wins it free KFC food daily. Now that is one sweet prize. If that isn’t incentive to compete (on top of the generous cash pool), I am not sure what is. KFC also created its own Twitter account to focus solely on video games, “KFC Gaming.” There you can find content relating to Call of Duty and Fortnite.

They have a history with esports

The popular fast food chain is not new to the world of competitive world of esports. Just a year ago they made a partnership with ESforce to bring esports to youth. They also endorsed the Chinese organization Royal Never Give Up.

A list of the 16 content creators who will be competing are Syndicate, Terroriser, MiniLadd, Daithi, MarleyThirteen, iTemp Plays, MrDalekJD, Tommy T, Spratt, ZerkaHD, Vikstar123, Cyanide, PsiSyn, CodeNamePizza, Gaz, and TheGamingLemon. Qualifiers begin on Jan. 17 and will finish off on Feb. 24 when the Grand Finals will take place. The champion will take home £15,000 and that exclusive KFC Black Card. Sadly, this is only open to those who reside in the UK, but if it does well maybe KFC will bring it to North America. For our UK readers who are interested in participating, make sure to check out their official website for all the important details and registration. We wish all those competing the best of luck.