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When a crowd in Australia goes nuts over Keanu Reeves in a cinema, you know E3 is going to be awesome!

While many fans (and even some of our Daily Esports writers) are lucky enough to travel to E3, lots of people around the world never have that chance. That’s why Xbox ANZ decided to put on something special for the fans in Australia and New Zealand. Xbox GrE3n Carpet Experiences were held all around the region to coincide with the official E3 times. Cinemas in Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington, and more were booked out for this special screening. Gamers rose before the sun to come and see their favorite titles announced, and they weren’t disappointed. After all, Keanu Reeves was there!

When Keanu Reeves showed up during the Cyberpunk2077 trailer, everyone in Australia started screaming. Clearly this was something big. Reeves makes a brief appearance during the trailer to tease longtime Cyberpunk players. After the trailer, he stepped onto the Microsoft stage to talk about how he got involved and how excited he was for the new game.

E3 titles excite fans

And it wasn’t only Keanu Reeves that Aussies started swooning over. Early risers, specially at the Sydney screening, were excited for a range of new games. The biggest cheers came from the Halo teaser, Age of Empires II HD remake, and Dragon Ball. Of course Phil Spencer had already won the hearts of all Xbox players around the world.

Unfortunately some people were disappointed about the lack of reveal around Microsoft’s new console, Project Scarlet, but we guess you’re going to have to wait to see more on this front. Some fans said the announcements were “a whole lot of fluff – not much substance there”, while others are already “putting money away for pretty much all the games showed at E3.”

What were you most excited about during the Xbox E3 announcements? Let us know in the comments below. If you were at E3, then let us know so we can all be envious of you!

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