June Joust Day 1: Western teams sweep the East 3-0
June Joust day 1 Atlanta Reign
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June Joust Day 1: Western teams sweep the East 3-0

Two quick wins keep the West as the favourites
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Day 1 of the June Joust tournament concluded with both the Atlanta Reign and Dallas Fuel sweeping their opponents 3-0. This put the New York Excelsior and Shanghai Dragons in the losers bracket after they struggled with the compositions that the Reign and Fuel ran. Both Eastern division teams are going to have to adapt quickly after seeing which one continues on in the June Joust.

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Western division start strong

Coming into the Hawaii section of the June Joust, the Dallas Fuel were still the favorite. However, the rest of the teams all have valid reasons to win in this tournament. The New York Excelsior capitalized on the poor performances of other teams in the East while steadily improving. Shanghai is consistently among the best teams in the East, with the depth and experience to win any game. Last but not least, the Atlanta Reign have grown exponentially this tournament when everyone expected them to have troubles within it.

Now, after the first two games are concluded, the Dallas Fuel are continuing their great form. And so are the Atlanta Reign. With both games being 3-0 sweeps, it was clear which teams had a better grasp of the meta and hero matchups. This doesn’t mean that the NYXL and Dragons are done, as they have to fight through the lower bracket to win it all. They’re going to have to take those rough losses and face one another to see which team gets eliminated first.

Day 1 of the June Joust was quick and hopefully the next matches will prove to be closer. The tournament continues for the next two days. And on Saturday, June 12, one of the Eastern teams will rise from their tough first day.

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