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It seems that the Glitch 7 – Minus World tournament organizers are ironically not big fans of glitches. Joker and Pokémon Trainer duos will be banned from Glitch 7 Doubles because of a newly discovered glitch.

The glitch was publicized by @SonicfiendSmash on Twitter. The glitch allows Joker to fill up his Rebel Gauge more quickly if he is teaming with a Pokémon Trainer. If the Pokémon Trainer switches Pokémon after having taken damage, Joker will gain meter. The more damage the Pokémon have taken, the more Joker’s Rebel Gauge will fill up. If the Pokémon are over 100%, the Trainer only needs to switch Pokémon twice to completely fill up the Gauge.

Because of this glitch, Pokémon Trainer can enable to Joker to summon Arsene almost immediately at high percents. This gives Joker an even bigger buff in Doubles, since he already gained meter when his teammates died. In addition, this glitch is not affected if team attack is on, as is the case with competitive Doubles events.

TO response to Joker and Pokémon Trainer’s Doubles glitch

Leonardo “MkLeo” Perez and Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey joked about teaming together to abuse the Joker and Pokémon Trainer glitch. However, they may not ever get the chance. Scott “Tantalus” Robertson II announced on Twitter that this duo would not be legal at Glitch 7. Tantalus said that he would reverse the decision if Nintendo removed the glitch before “next Tuesday” (presumably Sept. 10, as Glitch 7 is this coming weekend).

Some top players have reacted negatively to Tantalus’ decision, such as Justin “Wishes” Magnetti. Wishes noted another Doubles glitch that has remained legal, this time involving Pokémon Trainer and Snake. If Snake attaches a C4 to Charizard, he can detonate it while Charizard is off-screen during his up-throw animation. Charizard will not take damage, but the opponent he is throwing will die instantly if the timing is right. This glitch also works with characters that have similar throws, like Kirby and Meta Knight.


As it stands, the Doubles ban on Joker and Pokémon Trainer will likely stay in effect for Glitch 7. However, it is unclear if the ban will persist at other tournaments. No other notable tournament organizers have made official statements about the glitch. We will have to wait and see if this ban extends beyond this weekend.