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When he first entered the Overwatch League, Bang “Jjonak” Sung-hyeon was nothing but a promising, talented rookie. During the inaugural season, however, he almost single-handedly took the New York Excelsior all the way to the top of the standings with his astonishing Zenyatta play. As a result, the South Korean flex support ended up achieving the inaugural season MVP accolade. In order to commemorate his feat, Blizzard has now announced that he will soon get his own skin in the game.

Of course, the character chosen to wear the skin is none other than his long-time main, Zenyatta. As for the skin itself, it’s rather fitting for this player. “Jjonak” translates into English as something similar to “octopus.” The South Korean prodigy has always declared his sympathy for all kinds of sea creatures, and Blizzard seems to have taken notice of it.

The newest Zenyatta skin will son finally come to live in Overwatch and, this time, it will be for a special reason.
The newest Zenyatta skin will soon finally come to life, and this time, it will be for a special reason. Photo via: Blizzard.

Jjonak’s new “Zen-Nakji” skin

Jjonak’s version of Zenyatta, at least, certainly resembles an octopus. Where the inspiration for the design of the skin has come from is fairly obvious. Not only does Zenyatta itself look like a full-of-ink marine creature, but the orbs are actually mini-octopus as well. This all seems to follow the skin’s overall theme, which is, put simply, the sea and its inhabitants.

The final result has left a good impression on Jjonak’s teammates. NYXL Widowmaker specialist Kim “Pine” Do-hyeon said that “it would feel dirty to get hit by those orbs.” Park “Sabyeolbe” Jong-reol totally agreed with Pine’s opinion, using the term ‘moist’ for describing how he would feel should he be the target of the orbs. Jjonak, moreover, expressed how seeing the skin motivated him to become the league’s MVP once again.

Jjonak and his teammates in NYXL had a chance to give their opinions on the skin's final design, which turned out to be mostly possitive.
Jjonak and his teammates in NYXL had a chance to give their opinions on the skin’s final design. They turned out to be mostly positive. Photo via: Blizzard.

The skin will go live on June 27 and will stay available to purchase until July 14, a few days after Stage 3 of the 2019 OWL Season comes to a close. Its status will be Legendary, which will make it even more special for those who actually get to obtain it. Zen-Nakji, as it is called, will cost 200 tokens, which translates to roughly $10. Jjonak has now become the first player in the history of Overwatch to have a skin expressly designed for himself.

Throughout his career, analysts and fans alike have praised Jjonak for reliably dealing tons of damage from his support position. Now, Overwatch fans hope, such skills may transfer to those who play Zenyatta with the player’s personal skin. After all, it is always worth dreaming, is it not?

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