JGOD claims this optic is overpowered in Warzone 2
Call of Duty: Warzone 2 JGOD optic
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JGOD claims this optic is overpowered in Warzone 2

A new optic in the meta?

The current attachment meta in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is somewhat up in the air. So far, fans have enjoyed using different attachments than what was regarded as the meta in the original Warzone. For example, many players have opted to use optics other than the VLK 4.0x; that optic was the long-range meta choice all throughout the original Warzone. In its place, players have been running the AIM OP-V4 above all else. However, Warzone 2 expert and YouTuber JGOD has recently published a video that could add another optic to the meta.

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JGOD is well-known for testing every aspect of Warzone 2/Modern Warfare 2. This includes going over basic statistics to finding the best ways to complete challenges to giving players the absolute best loadout for every weapon. His most recent video explains that a particular optic, the SZ Holotherm, may be one of the most overpowered sights in all of Warzone 2. JGOD backs this claim up with solid evidence and even says that the sight could be nerfed in the future due to how strong it is.

The most overpowered optic in Warzone 2, according to JGOD

The SZ Holotherm optic can be unlocked by leveling up the PDSW 528 to level 12. Once players have the sight unlocked, they can use it on just about every weapon in Warzone 2.

This sight’s main draw is that it has a toggle. One side of the toggle lets players see a normal scope when aiming in while the other side allows them to see players through smoke. JGOD claims that smoke grenades are going to be meta soon due to their ability to let players make a quick getaway without letting the enemy know which way they’ve gone.

However, with the SZ Holotherm, players can see right through smoke, regardless of if the player in the smoke is wearing Cold-Blooded. JGOD tested this multiple times and still came to the conclusion that Cold-Blooded does not stop players from being seen by the SZ Holotherm even inside smoke.

To compare, the SZ Holotherm has the same basic zoom as the VLK 4.0x Optic. So, essentially, players get the same zoom level and the ability to toggle between two different views. If that wasn’t enough, the SZ Holotherm also does not give off any sniper glint, making it undetectable by enemies from long ranges.

There’s basically no reason for players not to run the SZ Holotherm at this point in time in Warzone 2. Of course, this newfound strength might lead to the SZ Holotherm getting a nerf, so use it while you can.

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