Jeff Kaplan reveals that Genji nerfs are coming to Overwatch
Genji nerfs Overwatch Jeff Kaplan

Jeff Kaplan reveals that Genji nerfs are coming to Overwatch

This article is over 3 years old and may contain outdated information

After tearing up the Overwatch League Summer Showdown and leading the Paris Eternal to an unlikely win, Genji is going to be getting some much-needed nerfs in the near future.

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On a Reddit post yesterday, Overwatch‘s Jeff Kaplan stated that two new Experimental Cards are coming. One of these will include the nerfs to Genji as well as changes to Moira. The other seems to be some kind of “failed experiment” that they are trying out for fun.

What’s wrong with Genji?

Genji got some pretty nice buffs back in June that increased his damage and reduced the spread of his alternate fire as well increasing the duration of his Deflect and letting players cancel it early. These changes almost immediately pushed Genji over the edge and made him a top pick in the Overwatch League Summer Showdown tournaments.

As of right now, Genji still seems to be one of the strongest Heroes in Overwatch. Due to this, he will receive some nerfs that will hopefully balance him out. Kaplan didn’t specify what exactly they are changing, but we should learn in the next couple of weeks.

Other changes

Kaplan also mentions Moira, who has been another problematic Hero on the roster. Moira isn’t always a top pick in the Overwatch League, but she has seen a lot of success in Competitive play and is notorious for being one of the easier Heroes to play. These changes likely won’t be buffs or nerfs, but actual changes to how the Hero works.

Lastly, Kaplan mentions that the Overwatch team is bringing back a “failed experiment.” This likely means the return of a previous experimental card that didn’t work out, like the queue that had one tank, two healers, and three damage Heroes.

Be sure to stay tuned for whatever these new Experimental Cards may bring. We will find out soon!