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Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has just been released to the public and, naturally, thousands, if not millions of players are all going to be hopping on the game at the same time.

This can be quite an extreme load on the servers, and even cause them to crash at times. At the very least, the servers have been somewhat unstable in Warzone 2’s short life so far, which can make finding and staying in games difficult. However, if you find that you can’t get on Warzone 2 at all, it might be time to check the status of the servers to see if the battle royale has gone down.

In today’s gaming landscape, it’s too common for a large multiplayer game to completely crash without any warning. Usually, developers can stop a game from being completely inaccessible. There’s also mandatory maintenance that’s done on servers, even in Warzone, which will not allow players to access the game’s online matchmaking.

If you know that there’s no mandatory maintenance happening with Warzone 2, though, and you can’t access the servers, you’ll want to check if the game is down or not. We show you how to do that below.

Checking to see if Warzone 2 is down

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 chopper gunner
Provided by Activision

There are a few concrete ways to know if the servers have gone down or not. The first is to check the Activision Support Page and look at the status of every single game’s servers. If there’s a green checkmark next to all of them, then all of the servers are running fine. However, if there’s a red “x” next to a game, then those servers are experiencing issues. So if you see that Warzone 2 has a green check, then the game’s servers likely aren’t down.

You can also check social media, particularly the Twitter pages for Raven Software, Call of Duty, and Activision Support. All of these accounts will usually tweet out if there are any massive server problems ongoing with Call of Duty titles.

Finally, if none of those destinations yielded any results, you can check to see if your system is experiencing server issues. PlayStation, Xbox, and PC users (both on Battle.Net and Steam) can look at various websites to see if those systems are down in any way.

However, if everything seems to be up and running but you still can’t access Warzone 2, the problem is likely on your end. Try restarting your system and internet router to attempt to fix the problem.

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