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The last time a traditional Prestige system was utilized in a Call of Duty title was during Black Ops 4. Ever since then, Activision has opted for a seasonal Prestige system, which some players are hoping doesn’t return in Modern Warfare 3.

However, Activision has expressed a strict dedication to sticking to this specific system. The modern version of the Prestige system sees players go from level 1-55 to unlock all of their base content in multiplayer. Then, after level 55, players enter seasonal Prestige, which has a level cap each season. You can unlock various rewards for reaching different milestones and the maximum level is usually around 1,000-1,250.

The Prestige system in Modern Warfare 3

Unfortunately for all of you classic Call of Duty fans, the Prestige system in MW3 will not be the traditional version. Instead, it’s the modern version that coincides with the seasonal content stream.

You start out at level 1 and work your way up to level 55, unlocking every weapon, killstreak, and loadout item along the way. After level 55, you continue ranking up until you reach the level cap for every season.

The progression system in MW3. Image via Activision

During the preseason of MW3 (Nov. 10 to early December), the level cap was set at 55. Now, in Season 1, the level cap is set at 250. Every 50 levels after reaching level 55, you earn unlocks a different Prestige icon for your account. In Season 1, there are five total Prestiges you can earn.

With the modern Prestige system, you have the ability to complete specific seasonal challenges for XP. If you complete them all, you can earn a cosmetic item exclusive to that season. In addition to that, certain rewards can be earned as you reach level milestones. For example, you can receive an exclusive Operator skin for reaching level 1,250 in MW2.

It’s unclear if Activision is going to introduce any additional rewards or benefits to the Prestige system in MW3. However, at launch, you can expect the same exact system as the one currently found in MW2.