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Modern Warfare players have had a couple of days now to fully digest the Season 1 Battle Pass. While many agree it’s the fairest iteration of any loot system in Call of Duty history, there are still some major flaws with it. The rewards and cosmetic items within the Battle Pass are a great value for only $10. While some would say every piece of content should be free in a $60 title, that aspect will never change. However, while the rewards are nice, there’s a problem with how long it takes to earn those rewards.

Leveling up the Season 1 Battle Pass

Call of Duty has had issues with this in the past. Just last year, when Treyarch released their Battle Pass for Black Ops 4, players complained about how long it took to earn even one tier. While it was later adjusted, in the beginning, that effort took nearly 2 hours.

Credit to eColiEspresso on YouTube for the image

Modern Warfare‘s version isn’t that drastic, though it is close. Thus far, players have found that it takes roughly one hour of play-time to unlock a tier in the Pass. This, of course, differs based on what game mode you play and if you complete any sort of challenge.

So, a standard time frame to earn one tier is around one hour. But if you’re an average player who doesn’t grind Modern Warfare for hours a day, this seems daunting. After all, this season only has a month and a half left.

Many in the community feel they’ll never unlock the items they want in the Battle Pass. For example, one of the new weapons, the RAM-7 Assault Rifle, is unlocked at tier 31 of the Battle Pass. If you play regular game modes, that will take quite a long time to obtain. YouTuber Drift0r made a video explaining all of this in detail, which you can watch below.

Did Infinity Ward do this on purpose?

There are always conspiracy theories floating around the Call of Duty community. For this particular situation, some fans believe Activision and Infinity Ward intentionally made the tiers hard to unlock so that players will spend real-life money to buy tiers.

Each tier costs a little over $1 to buy, which quickly adds up if you decide to buy all 100 tiers. While we’ll never know if this was Infinity Ward’s intention, we should see a little reduction in the time to earn tiers. Treyarch did the same thing last year once they heard the complaints about their Battle Pass. But when we’ll see this reduction, or if we will at all, remains unknown.

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