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Currently in the competitive ruleset for Call of Duty MW3, there are five total Hardpoint maps: Rio, Skidrow, Karachi, Invasion, and Sub Base. You have likely played the first four of those maps plenty of times, but Sub Base is one map that never seems to appear for players in the rotation.

During the first few days of Ranked Play, however, this was not the case; Sub Base came up in the rotation just as much as the other maps. Shortly after Ranked Play was released, though, a glitched contest spot was discovered by players, leading to the developers taking the map out of the rotation. Then, when Season 2 arrived in MW3, Sub Base was added back into the map pool due to the glitch spot being fixed.

Now, we find ourselves roughly one week after the release of Season 2, and Sub Base has once again stopped appearing in Ranked Play. So, is the map in the rotation right now or not?

Is Sub Base in MW3 Ranked Play?

At the time of writing, Sub Base has once again been removed from the map pool in Ranked Play. Thanks to the community, yet another glitched contest was discovered on the map. To make matters worse, it’s essentially the same glitch spot that caused the map to be taken out of Ranked the first time. The only difference is you have to go below the stairs in the warehouse near P3 instead of being on the stairs.

As a result, the developers were forced to take the map out of the rotation for a second time on Feb. 12 to address the new glitch spot. The official COD Updates X/Twitter account made this official on the morning of Feb. 12:

We currently have no estimate on how long it will take the developers to fix the new glitch spot on Sub Base and return it to the map pool in MW3 Ranked Play. However, for reference, the first glitch spot took roughly two weeks to fix, so take that however you want.

I’ll update this guide with more information on Sub Base’s return when details are made available.