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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Two brought a slew of solid changes to the game as well as other exciting content. Nearly a week in, fans are still enjoying their time on Rust while using the Grau 5.56 and Striker-45. However, like with most recent updates, there’s a catch in the form of a game-breaking bug – or, in this case, game-breaking bugs. Currently, Modern Warfare has two glitches wreaking havoc in the Call of Duty League (CDL) community. Some players are even calling for CDL Atlanta to be canceled if nothing changes.

Modern Warfare glitches threaten CDL Atlanta

Usually, glitches mostly mess with gameplay. These glitches, on the other hand, relate to private matches themselves, which is what the CDL uses to broadcast games. The first of these bugs deals with cross-play.

As of right now, it is incredibly difficult for PC players to join games with console players. This deeply affects the CDL, as the casters for the league use PCs to join the players on PlayStation. If this glitch still exists when Atlanta comes around on Feb. 22-23, casters wouldn’t be able to join the match’s lobby. Ian “C6” Porter goes over why this is such a big deal for the CDL.

Obviously, there would be no suing taking place, but the problem is still big nonetheless. The Atlanta FaZe has shelled out a ton of money to secure a venue and all of the other equipment for a CDL event. If the league can’t broadcast matches, though, there’s no point to playing.

The second Modern Warfare glitch has to do with LAN lobbies as a whole. According to multiple sources, LAN lobbies are completely glitched and useless. Of course, this is the lobby that all matches are played on.

We haven’t heard anything from Activision at the time of writing. However, if these Modern Warfare glitches aren’t resolved, we could be in for a rough weekend.

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