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Invictus Gaming, the winners of last year’s League of Legends World Championship, will be receiving figurines along with their skins. The news has broken out after iG posted a picture of the figures on their Weibo page. Each skin will get its own figure, along with a summoner’s cup for a total of six. They will be available for purchase in the merch store. We don’t know the cost of the figures yet, but we expect it to be quite high. This is due to their presumed limited quantity.

After the reveal, neither the players nor the community received the skins well. The general consensus is that they look too similar to one another and that their in-game models just aren’t that impressive. Each player had the chance to pick the champion they want to get the skin for. The chosen champions were Camille, Fiora, Irelia, LeBlanc, Kai’Sa and Rakan. Models of the skins can already be previewed on the PBE, although they are still in development and are not final.

Some players from iG even publicly stated that they dislike the way the skins look, most notably Gao “Ning” Zhen-Ning. He stated on stream that Kai’Sa and Rakan look hideous but thought the other four looked good.

Invictus Gaming secured these skins after winning the last world championship as the first Chinese team to do so. They fell into group D, where they finished second after Fnatic. The team almost got knocked out in the quarterfinals of the knockout stage by KT Rolster but managed to cleanly sweep both G2 Esports and Fnatic to claim the trophy.

The figures are a great addition to the worlds skins, and we hope Riot Games keeps coming up with innovative ways to memorialize the world champions.

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