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We had the opportunity to catch professional Call of Duty player Dillon “Attach” Price at the WorldGaming Championship Series in Toronto. A 2015 world champion, he has been a staple for the FaZe Clan roster. Because FaZe Clan failed to qualify for the CWL Pro League, Attach is currently loaned to Evil Geniuses. We got to talk to Attach about being on a new team, the come-up of rookies, and content creation.

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Daily Esports: Welcome back to Toronto. Do you enjoy being back?

Dillon “Attach” Price: Yeah, Toronto’s awesome. I really like the place. The weather isn’t too cold either; the last time we came here it was very cold, snowing like crazy. It feels good right now. I’m glad to be back.

What do you think of the event so far? If I recall, you attended last year’s WorldGaming event.

The event’s good. We’ve only played one match so far; it just feels good to be playing Call of Duty again back on LAN. There are a couple of good teams here so it’s gonna be a pretty competitive tournament.

How is your squad feeling, despite a recent disappointing performance in the CWL Pro League?

We’re not gonna let a couple of losses, or a lot of losses, get to us. We still have to go to this tournament and try our best, do our best, and hopefully come out with a win. But we’re still going hard.

What was the transition to Evil Geniuses like after being a core FaZe Clan player for so long?

It wasn’t too difficult. I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I’m already good friends with a couple of players on Evil Geniuses, so we just kind of mesh pretty well. Just learning each other’s game styles and how people like to play situations and stuff, that took a little bit, but we’re getting everyone to their best spot.

Looking more at your team’s composition, who would you say is the vocal leader on this Evil Geniuses squad right now?

Probably the two people who lead the comms the most are myself and Goonjar. We’re probably talking the most out of anyone on the team, structuring and leading it and yeah.

You initially came up as a rookie in the Ghosts season with Elevate and Curse. What is the difference between the come-up of rookie stars now compared to your experience?

When we came up, we were able to compete at LAN tournaments before there was an age limit. Now you have to be 18 years old to compete at CWL-sanctioned events, so we got a lot of LAN experience before, and just going to locals, playing at major events when we were younger. I was lucky enough to turn 18 right before the age limit kicked in. But nowadays, I know [eUnited’s Chris “Simp” Lehr] would go to a lot of locals near him. And going to locals is super important if you’re a kid on the come-up because it’s LAN practice, and you’re gonna get your name out there if you do well.

I remember seeing some of these upcoming rookie players, like [eUnited Cadet’s Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal], at UGC Niagara last year. Those kids definitely are not jokes.

Everyone’s gonna be a joke online — that’s how it is. If you’re not playing well online, you’re probably doing something wrong. Because if you aren’t being called a joke, it means you’re not playing too well. You always wanna be labeled as a joke. I’d say 85 percent of the time, all the jokes end up being decent to really good on LAN.

With competition and stakes getting higher, do you think the content/personality-centered culture of CoD esports will disappear?

With the way Call of Duty is right now, it’s kind of difficult to stream when you’re traveling to all these tournaments, at the pro league and stuff, not at your setup. When you’re at home, you’re able to, but when you’re traveling, it’s too difficult unless you have someone coming with you or you’re vlogging having someone editing it for you. It’s just really difficult with the schedule. [It’s] not an excuse that no one should be doing it because there are a couple of people doing it. And it’s really important to help Call of Duty grow, help each player’s and team’s fanbases grow, and just make the community more involved with everything.

For my last question, how does it feel facing off against your longtime duo, now enemy on FaZe Clan Black, ZooMaa?

It’s gonna be the first time I played ZooMaa in a long time, so it’s kind of funny with which teams we’re on right now. It’s weird to see, but I’m excited to play and it’s gonna be fun to play against him in this match.

We’d like to thank Attach for taking the time to talk to us. You can catch him and his team, Evil Geniuses, competing in the upcoming major open CWL London next month, May 3 – 4. Matches will broadcast live from the official Call of Duty Twitch channel.

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