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Modern Warfare development team Infinity Ward has confirmed that a future update will fix ongoing player collision issues.

After the developers rolled out an update in late December, a player collision bug became apparent to players. Seemingly, the development team did not include this in their patch notes, but players were quick to spot the issue.

Signs of a solution

On Infinity Ward’s public Trello board, which features information such as patch notes and helpful links, there is a column for known multiplayer issues. In that column, the dev team recently acknowledged the player collision issue with a label stating that a fix will be coming in a future update.

It is unclear when the player collision mechanic will be removed. However, there is speculation that the issue will be repaired in February. This is due to the announced extension of Season 1 and the fix could be available as a part of this significant update.

The problem with player collisions

Call of Duty players are not unfamiliar with collisions and body blocking mechanics. This is because player collisions have been a prominent theme in past Call of Duty titles; it was a frequent issue throughout Black Ops 4. In Modern Warfare, however, this issue is seemingly occurring more consistently during games.

Having a teammate body block you can hinder your in-game experience. It impacts your timing and ability to maintain a power position while other teammates are present. Similarly, if you’re in a gunfight and a teammate bumps into you, your character’s body will move. This can cause your accuracy to decrease, often leading to a higher death count.

Some teammates are also able to intentionally push your character, which leads to an increasingly irritating experience. Call of Duty fans have not been impressed with this, especially due to how fast paced the game can be. As such, many fans are hoping this issue will be addressed as a priority, as movement is important in the game.

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