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Yesterday, Infinity Ward began its campaign to improve both Modern Warfare and their own communication with the community. This was evident in a new blog post that detailed some future content as well as bugs the studio is tracking. However, they expanded on this with the launch of a new Trello board. This hub is a place where the community can see any bug Infinity Ward is following.

When the Trello board released, fans immediately noticed one bug that stood out from the others. The infamous slide cancel bug is finally being patched soon, according to Trello.

Slide cancel bug being resolved

For the past few weeks, both casual and competitive players alike have complained about the slide cancel bug. It disrupts the pace of both casual and competitive play and gives an unfair advantage to those who exploit the bug.

If you’re unaware, the slide cancel bug allows you to cancel your recovery while sliding. This makes it so you can zoom across the map when sliding, as there’s no slowing down after you finish your slide. While some argue it increases the skill gap in Modern Warfare, it’s not meant to be in the game.

A similar situation popped up in Black Ops 3 with the “G-Slide”. This movement bug made it so players could fly across large distances with a button combination. Though many argued it was skillful, Treyarch ultimately patched it out of the game.

It appears Infinity Ward is doing the same with Modern Warfare‘s slide cancel. As it’s more of an issue in competitive, professional players had some opinions on the bug.

Regardless of how the players feel, this bug will leave Modern Warfare with one of the next updates. Hopefully, no other movement bugs pop up before or after that happens.

What do you think of the slide cancel bug? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare coverage!