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The Immortals Gaming Club (IGC) are the owners of the well-known Immortals, MIBR, and Los Angeles Valiant brands. Now, however, they have reportedly also acquired Infinite Esports & Entertainment. Infinite Esports is currently the parent company of OpTic Gaming, one of the most renowned organizations in the world of esports.

After weeks of rumors about the transaction, Immortals Gaming Club has taken the final step and finally bought out the Green Wall’s parent company. According to business website Crunchbase, the deal ultimately took place on June 4. With this, however, comes a slew of questions about OpTic Gaming’s future.


Some time ago, OpTic’s founder Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez tried to buy his organization back from Infinite. He did so in order to avoid it becoming part of Immortals. However, Hector’s bid apparently could not compete with Immortal’s, who ended up taking over the Green Wall. This will most certainly have consequences for OpTic Gaming’s current teams and players.

The future of OpTic Gaming

If Immortals have actually acquired the organization, it means that they have acquired all of its teams and spots as well. These include representatives in League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Overwatch. When it comes to League of Legends, Immortals were denied access to the franchised era of the LCS back in late 2017.

Ever since then, they seem to have been willing to recover their spot at the North American LoL competition. Now that they reportedly own OpTic, they will probably change the team’s brand in order to make a comeback into the league in 2020. This, nonetheless, would not necessarily affect OpTic Gaming’s League of Legends players.

Immortals were not accepted into the franchise era of LCS, but the acquisition of Opitc Gaming will open up new opportunities for them to be part of the North American league.
Immortals were initially not accepted into the franchised era of LCS. The acquisition of OpTic Gaming, however, would open up new opportunities for them to enter the league. Photo via: Lolesports.

Complications in-bound

In the Overwatch League, the situation is fairly more complicated. Immortals currently own the Los Angeles Valiant, while OpTic Gaming is the owner of the Houston Outlaws. If Immortals owns OpTic, both teams will start sharing the same owner, which the league’s rules do not allow. IGC, thus, would have to look for a new owner for the Outlaws before the start of Season 3.

In the Call of Duty scene, OpTic Gaming is one of the most iconic brands that has ever existed. Its current roster is faring pretty well so far, as they have already qualified for the CWL playoffs stage. Infinite Esports, however, have allegedly tried to sell the team once already, and Immortals may look to do the same. Be it for whatever reason, some members of the current OpTic Gaming’s roster have come out publicly saying that their roster will most probably not enjoy a happy ending.

The future is uncertain for Optic's current Call of Duty roster, who is as of now arguably the best in the whole world.
The future is uncertain for OpTic’s current Call of Duty roster. As of now, they are arguably the best CoD team in the whole world. Photo via: OpTic Gaming.

When it comes to CS:GO, Immortals would have to choose between an all-stars Brazilian roster in MIBR and the struggling Danish roster that is currently OpTic Gaming. In the case that the information provided by Crunchbase is true, the Green Wall would certainly have to adapt to having a new and different owner.

Will the future be brighter with them? Will this instead mean the end of one of the most beloved esports orgs in the world? All of the answers will surely be revealed sometime in the next few months.

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