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The future of the Greenwall may be in jeopardy, as Immortals are reportedly nearing a deal for OpTic Gaming. With their being put up for sale by their parent company, Infinite Esports, which is owned by Texas Esports, the deadline for this deal is supposedly May 31.

First reported by ESPN in early May, this deal comes on the heels of the franchising announcement for Call of Duty. It’s presumed that Infinite would be unable to purchase a franchise spot. So in turn, they put their stake in OpTic up for sale. While it was first thought to be for around $150 million, the deal is apparently set for a much lower price.

Assuming that this purchase does happen, this likely means the end of the OpTic Gaming brand. Started in 2008 as a trick-shotting clan, OpTic has been one of the most popular esports organizations in the world.

Immortals getting closer to buying out OpTic Gaming | Infinite Esports

What this means for OpTic Gaming’s teams

While nothing will be official for some time, OpTic’s remaining esports teams will likely cease to exist. Currently, they house four rosters in Call of Duty, League of Legends, Gears of War, and CS:GO respectively.

As Immortals are the majority owners of the L.A. Valiant OWL team, the Houston Outlaws will be put up for sale as well. Under OWL rules, no team is permitted to own two separate rosters. The branding of the Outlaws is expected to remain the same, but the owners will not.

For the remaining teams, most will likely be released or sold. However, the NA LCS League of Legends spot for OpTic should remain with Immortals. Since they were originally declined for a spot in the NA LCS, this could be the main reason they are interested in purchasing OpTic.

Regarding CS:GO, Immortals already possess a competitive roster. While some changes could be made, OpTic’s current CS:GO roster will likely be released. Although, their Gears of War team very well could remain under Immortals.

Lastly, OpTic’s Call of Duty roster is a huge question mark. With franchising slots going for over $50 million, it seems unlikely Immortals will purchase a spot. However, the Black Ops 4 season is only halfway over, so what will happen with the OpTic COD team is still up in the air.

After seeing all of the reports, OpTic’s Damon “Karma” Barlow posted this on Twitter.

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