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Have you ever wondered where Team Liquid’s Hungrybox got the nickname of “Clutchbox?” Have you ever thought about exactly what is going through the Smash superstar’s mind when he’s navigating a losing fight? Or have you ever seen him make a ridiculous play and pondered exactly how it happened, what he did and why he did it?

Daily Esports’ own Alex Hope went into an in-depth breakdown of Hbox’s thrilling bout with Plup. Alex’s precise play-by-play analysis helps us see exactly how the King of Clutch orchestrated an incredible comeback after trailing 3-1.

Shortly after Alex recorded his video, Hungrybox himself reacted to the analysis with a vlog. He went into further detail about his playstyle, talked about his nickname and gave us his complete thoughts on his match against Plup.

We would like to thank Hungrybox for reaching out and hooking up with us on this. Feel free to give him a shout out on Twitter or check out his Twitch stream.

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